The Potty Fairy Potty Training Basics


Children love to hear about the Tooth Fairy and how she visits when a child loses a tooth.  Children love “made-up” characters, like Santa and the Easter Bunny, that bring delight and fun to their lives.  Developmentally, these characters bring play and magic to a child’s life. Play is how a child learns and make sense of the world around them. 

The Potty Fairy will enchant their life much in the same way during the potty training process. Potty training is an important developmental stage of a child’s life. Why not make this stage magical, fun and exciting for a child.

The Potty Fairy story is about a group of a fairies that delight in the potty training process and want to bring support and rewards to children who are potty training. The Potty Fairy is the head of the group but she has helpers. The main helpers are Bud and Blossom who bring underwear and crowns to children who are potty training. Bud for boys and Blossom for girls.

Potty Fairy Potty Training Tips and Basics:

Potty training is a big step for kids and parents alike.  Successful and happy potty training is crucial to the development of a child. The secret to success? Patience — perhaps more patience than you ever imagined. Incentives, and positive rewards. The Potty Fairy Incentive Program can provide incentives and rewards along with any individual “perks” that your child will respond positively to. 

How do you know when its time?

Potty-training success depends on physical and emotional readiness, not a specific age.      Potty training success can also depend on what is happening in the family. Be sensitive to the child’s needs and what other stressors might be occurring at the time you decide to potty train. A new baby in the family can cause some delay in the readiness of the 2 or 3-year-old child.  There really is no rush.

Some signs that your child may be ready to try:

  1. Your child is interested in the potty chair and in wearing underwear.
  2. Your child is aware when they need to go potty and can tell you.
  3. Your child seems to follow basic directions about other activities.
  4. Your child stays dry for 2 hours or more during the day.
  5. Your child does not like to be wet or messy and communicates with you that they need a change of diapers or clothes.
  6. Your child is starting to want to dress themselves and can take clothes on and off.
  7. Your child likes to sit on the potty chair and can stay there for a period of time.

Give it a try!

When you decide it’s time to begin potty training, set your child up for success. Start by maintaining a sense of humor and a positive attitude — and recruiting all of your child’s caregivers to do the same. Potty Fairy incentives can help the process! Children love to play and imaginative things.  Include the Potty Fairy stories, song, incentives underwear to make the process fun.  Read the Potty Fairy story so the magic can begin.  Have the song playing for the few days you will have targeted potty training happening.  When the child is willing to start going potty on the potty chair, let the fairies deliver the special underwear for your child in the night and use the next day.  Children love the undies and typically do not want them to get soiled or wet.  At the end of the long weekend, and things have gone well, let the fairies deliver the crown, or make one together with your child so that they can wear and let others know of their success. Reward stickers along the way also provide incentives for your child. 

Pull out the equipment
Place a potty chair in the bathroom. You might want to try a model with a removable top that can be placed directly on the toilet when your child is ready. Help your child understand how to talk about the bathroom using simple, correct terms. You might want siblings or a parent show the child what the potty chair is for.  Share the potty fairy story and song with your child so that there is a child’s imaginative play incorporated.  Have the fairies deliver incentives during the process to keep the motivation high.   Give yourself a long weekend to focus on the process and make it memorable and special.  3 days is a reasonable amount of time for success.  Most families that I have worked with have found success over the weekend.  

Enjoy the process and have fun! The Potty Fairy

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