Signs that the Parent is ready for Potty Training

img_2928Are you ready to dive into potty training your child?  Look around and you will see multiple articles about the child showing signs of readiness.   Check out The Potty Fairy Pinterest site and you will find quite a collection of articles about the child showing signs of readiness.  What are the signs that the parent is ready for this journey?  Share your thoughts!  What do you think?  We want to hear from you!

Potty training takes lots of patience and lots of energy. Evaluate what your energy level is before diving in.  Are you busy with other things that are zapping your energy?  Or is your energy reserve pretty full. As with so many things with children, it requires patience.  Mishaps will happen. Are you at a place that you can go with the “flow” or are you struggling with patience at the moment?  The last thing we want to do is create a situation where the child or you feels badly about an accident.

If you think the time is right as far as patience and energy, you will want schedule a time that you will be fine hanging out at home for a few days focusing primarily on potty training. The time at home will require countless bathroom visits, accident clean-up and a bit more laundry.  You will want to do these things with a smile, encouraging words for your  child and an excitement for moving from diapers to big kid underpants . You are proud of your child that they are ready for this big step.

If the time does not seem right due life circumstances, don’t guilt out, and don’t feel bad postponing this important step. Rushing into it without planning ahead, will only cause frustration for everyone.  It will be easier if you wait for the right time. (And keep the support going after the focused potty training too.)

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