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img_3542-1The Potty Fairy story and CD have 10 reviews posted on Google Plus. At this time the product has a 5-star rating and strong comments from people who have used the method with their children.  Please check these reviews out.

The Potty Fairy story is multi-racial and inclusive of all children.  It reflects the world we live in especially in the United States. Our country is represented by people from all over the globe.  Children’s literature should be reflective of that so at young age children can see and experience a multi-racial society.

The Potty Fairy is also gender supportive as there is a Potty Fairy helper for the boys, named Bud and a Potty Fairy helper for girls named Blossom.  Each of these special fairies can deliver gender relevant incentive underwear, toys or crown to your child. Due to the nature of potty training and gender differences, I think it is a good thing to have that respected and reflected in the product.

One other good feature is that there are fairies and adults of all ages in the book, grandparents.  Grandparents can be vital and important people in a child’s life.  Older age people are a part of the book, both humans, and fairies!

The Potty Fairy leaves room and flexibility for your creative energies and unique ideas for your child in the underwear. PF underwear can be purchased, or you purchase underwear separately and a “Potty Fairy Approved” sticker can be placed on the underwear to promote the magical fairy legend and method, but also selected the underwear you are interested in your child wearing.

The FREE crown template, that you can download,  can be decorated by you and your child to celebrate your child’s success.  Unique and individual decorations that are meaning to your child can be placed on the crown that you make. The template can be downloaded, decorated and proudly worn by your child when they are successful in their potty training.  Your child’s individual ideas and creativity can be experienced in the crown.

I am so curious to hear your feedback on these key components of this product.

  • Is it important to reflect a multi-racial, multi-cultural society to your child?
  • Is it important to have gender relevant products for children?
  • Is it important to promote individual creativity in this training process?

To have products available for our children that will enhance their learning experiences but also open their eyes to the bigger world around them even at their young age.  So much of who a child will become happens by the age of 5 years old. Precious years to set the foundation for their lives to come.

Please comment on these questions.  I so appreciate it.

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