The Story Behind “The Potty Fairy”

img_2883-1Done with College and Mom to Three daughters

 35 short years ago these three little girls were my babies and I was there mom. Life sure delivers a  surprising journey. At my young age, I thought I was in charge of the future.


We started out in Minnesota. All three of my daughters arrived in this world in Minnesota but in three different towns, St. Cloud, Brainerd and Bemidji.   Close in age, they were my life and I knew no greater love than what I felt for them.  Moving to Wisconsin when my youngest was 2 years old, when a tragic accident spun my life out of control and what I thought my life would be, changed forever.  My youngest daughter had a near fatal head injury and no one thought she would survive.  She did. No one thought she would be able to read or learn. She did.  We moved to Maine. 

Maine was a place of healing. The ocean’s waves and smoothing energy healed me. A few years passed. I became a single parent. We made friends and became a part of a community. I felt a belonging there as Maine felt grounding, a bit in the past, and this was comforting.  I had a group of women friends and we bonded.   My friends had little ones and potty training was a part of our conversations.  A couple of my friends were struggling with the process and were very frustrated.

bud and blossomDuring this time and one night  in 1988,  I went to bed, and I had a dream, like no other dream entered into my sleep.  The dream was so bright, so brilliant, so loving, so happy and about fairies who delivered underwear to small children.  The dream was so amazing it knocked me off balance.  The morning following the dream, I did not get dressed all day.  I wrote. I drew. I talked.  Later, I made little books for my friends and got some cool underwear. We delivered the book and underwear packages to my friends.   Truth be told, their children potty trained that weekend.  No kidding.  The sharing of packages and the story continued and little ones would “magically” buy into the idea and would potty train.  The creative energy of Maine brought life to the fairy in the form of art, music, poetry and story.  There was a ton of joy in the process.

I had a friend in Maine, Greg Smaha, who was a professional musician. He helped me write The Potty Fairy song. He had his vocal music degree from Berkeley School of Music. He released this album and toured in Europe.  He was a “funk” musician so The Potty Fairy has a funky sound!

I began teaching in Maine and went back to school to get a Master’s Degree in Education.  Then a recession hit the state and people were boarding up their homes and leaving.  Cuts to education were massive and I turned my eyes back to Minnesota. It was time to go home.  Be with my family. We packed up our belongings and heading back to Minnesota. 

A while after being in Minnesota, we bought a home, I got a teaching job, my daughters started school.  Time was moving so quickly and there was no looking back.  My daughters were strong and resilient. As long as we had each other we would make it. Money was always short, but we learned to enjoy life with what we had.   Having each other was more important to having material things this lesson in my life was invaluable. Before I knew it my daughters were done with school and were heading to college. How could it be? 


I  married, a man I met teaching.  He reminded me so of my father, a science teacher and basketball coach. I loved the dad he was to his daughter.   We have been married 20 years now and instead of a child we have a sweet puppy named Indy. ( Middle name Anna) Life is good. 


img_4270The grandchildren started coming and I love each and every one of them in a unique and special way that matches their unique and special children. I have to ask myself, “Am I really a Grandma now? ” The Potty Fairy returned to our lives to help all 7 of the grandchildren potty train.  My daughters easily brought the Potty Fairy to their children lives when it was time for potty training. The Potty Fairy entered in and would leave at times but always came when there when we needed her.  All 7 of my grandchildren know and love the Potty Fairy.

After 25 years in working in education, I ended my career working in an Educational Research Center where  I did research and grant writing, I helped implement new education programs, supported teachers, worked with parents and students.  I had a successful and good career in education. When I look back it was a whirlwind and there is a bit of sadness that I never got around to sharing The Potty Fairy with others beyond the small sharing in Maine and Minnesota.


Five years ago, I retired early due to medical issues.  Heart disease slowed me down.  The stress of my life had taken a toll.  After a few years of medical help and healing,   I came to the realization that it was time to bring this gift of The Potty Fairy out to others.   There is no better time than now as we may not have tomorrow.


I turned 60 years old this past New Year’s Eve.   My oh, my, time flies. My life journey was so different than I could ever imagine.  I am at a place where helping others makes me the happiest.  Time with my family is the most important thing of all.  I know that we need to pay attention to the things that life brings us and celebrate that.   I am celebrating turning 60 by attempting to publish The Potty Fairy story in the form of a board book.

The Potty Fairy Enhances All Methods of Potty Training.

IMG_7157- front cover of bookCopyright 2017

The Potty Fairy Enhances All Methods



Trying to Find the Right Potty Training Method for You and Your Child?

Some methods are very focused on what the parent will do and some methods are more child focused. You will need to decide what methods best aligns with your parenting style.


All methods have some things in common.

1. All methods use praise and affection;

2. All methods are compatible with using rewards ( The Potty Fairy can help!)

3. All training processes should follow certain health and safety guidelines.

4. All training methods should have guidelines or advice on how to deal with potty training resistance.  (The Potty Fairy can help here too!)

Add the magical life components of patience, love, family, friends, food, and celebration. The Potty Fairy story,  rewards, stickers, underwear and FREE crown,  can aid in the potty training process no matter the method.

Some methods you might consider are:

1. Infant potty training

2. Child-oriented potty training

3. Toilet training in less than a day or in three days (“fast track” methods)

4. Gradual, parent-led toilet training

5. The “bare-bottom” method

The magic of The Potty Fairy can be added to any of these methods. The Potty Fairy story sets the stage for using The Potty Fairy as part of your potty training. The story taps into a child’s natural desire to use their imagination and be playful.  The Potty Fairy provides rewards, stickers, underwear and FREE crown,  that is related to what the child is learning about. The Potty Fairy is an enhanced reward system for a child learning to potty train and helps develop an environment of learning that is fun, imaginative and adventurous. The magical life components of patience, love, family, friends, food and celebration and The Potty Fairy rewards can aid in the potty training process no matter the method.

The Potty Fairy Enhances All Methods of Potty Training.

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Potty Training Boys!

img_2215Teaching a boy to use the potty chair will require lots of patience and love.  Experts have weighed in on a recommended age for potty training. Never before 2 years old.  Prime times are ages 2.5 to 3.5.  Leaning toward a more mature age for boys is desirable.

Your son will need to demonstrate a reasonable amount of motivation and interest.  Motivational aids like cool underwear and awesome potty chair equipment helps.  Sharing with him that Bud, The Potty Fairy’s helper for boys, is there to help and support will also be helpful. 

Read The Potty Fairy story to your son and point out the Bud character. Tell your little guy that Bud will deliver underwear to him at night when he is learning to use the potty chair.  The Potty Fairy website has “Potty Fairy Approved” stickers if you want to add a layer of believability that the fairies delivered the undies at night!

Having a role model is important. Children learn by seeing and doing.  Showing your son how it is done by a male role model is important.  The male role model can also encourage and support your son. This can be an older brother or Dad.  So often women are a child’s primary caregiver in the early years of a child’s life.  A man involved with the potty training process has a lot of impact.  It can be a guy things.

Your personal preference for equipment is the right way to go.  Be cautious of urine protectors for little boys as some can scratch and bother little boys. 

A potty chair that looks cool to a boy will provide some motivation for using it.   Boys typical start potty training by sitting down and as they get bigger and can stand tall enough to the toilet can use the stand up method of going to the bathroom.  This is pretty dependent on height and size and does confirm that starting potty training when the little guy is a bit older and mature as a good idea.

Boys are very, very active and get busy with the activities they enjoy.  Boys will need reminders to use the potty chair.  It is advised to have them try every 2-3 hours.  Tell them it is time to try to potty and do not ask them if they need to go.  They will easily say they do not need to go so that they can continue with their activity.  Even potty trained boys need to be told to go rather than it being an option.  Be consistent and keep at it.  There will be accidents and it will not be a perfect process.  Keep positive and encouraging for your child and yourself.

One of the benefits of being a boy is the ability to pee outside by a tree.  I have seen this be a big motivator for boys.  If there is a private area that your child could try this, and you are comfortable with it, it might be kinda fun.

Bud, The Potty Fairy’s helper, can deliver cool underwear at night when your child has a successful day.  When your child has a successful period of time, 3-7 days, have a celebration.   Download the FREE crown from The Potty Fairy site and decorate it with your child. Have him wear the crown and have a family/friend celebration.  Have some special food and praise you child in front of people he cares about.  If you have friends potty training their child, have a group celebration where caregivers and children can celebrate together. 

Make potty training a fun and exciting adventure. Something to celebrate and enjoy. The rewards of this type of frame of mind will pay off!

One of the benefits of being a boy is the ability to pee outside by a tree.  I have seen this be a big motivator for boys.  If there is a private are that your child could try this, and you are comfortable with it, it might be kinda fun.

Moral support is always good for both parents and children.  The child’s peers are important to your child, and celebrating these big developmental steps can provide a health environment for your child’s growth and self esteem.

The Potty Fairy Enhances All Methods of Potty Training.

Purchase our fun potty training book and look for promo codes on our site for holidays sales!

IMG_7157- front cover of book

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Potty Training a Girl

Girls are often times considered easier to potty train.  Possibly girls are easier to train because childcare providers prior to kindergarten are often times a female. Much learning occurs by imitation or watching others and copying the same actions.  So girls might have an advantage to the potty training process simply because of the role models around her during her preschool years.
Some experts have suggested that boys are more difficult to train to use the potty chair, simply because they are more active and do not want to take the time to stop what they are doing to go to the bathroom.   Will talk about boys further next week.
There are gender differences that require a slightly different approach to the toilet training process.  Girls need to learn to be seated when ready to use the potty chair.  When they are done tinkling, they need to learn to wipe themselves.  Girls need to learn the proper way to wipe so that not to introduce bacteria into their body which can cause bladder infections.  Girls need to wipe from the front to the back. Sometimes it is easier to have young girls pat themselves dry to avoid transfer of bacteria that can cause bladder infections.
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