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The Brightside Potty Training Method Can Teach Your Child to Use a Potty In Just 3 Days

Undoubtedly, all parents take delight in watching their children grow at all stages of their development. Some of these stages are more complicated than others, including when our children make the transition from diapers to using a potty.

This is often a long and difficult road, which is why the people at Bright Side have found a great technique that works 100% of the time.

The “Fellom” technique involves having your child go naked from the waist down when at home, and wearing loose pants with nothing underneath when in public.

However, it’s also recommended that your child still wears diapers at night.

You will need to do the following to apply this method:

  • Set out several potties. Ideally, you should place one in each room of your home.
  • Always have diapers and several pairs of pants available in case of accidents.
  • If you live in a place where it’s often cold, make sure to turn up the heating and put socks on your child’s feet during this time.

On the first day:

  • Have your child go naked from the waist down for the whole day. Keep an eye on him/her. When they need to go, take them to the nearest potty.
  • Allow your child to consume salty snacks or foods with a high water content, and make sure they drink lots of fluids so that they have to pee often.
  • When you or your partner have to use the bathroom, take your child with you. Demonstrate to them all the different steps that adults do. Children learn things very quickly by example.
  • Celebrate with your little one every time they manage to use the potty correctly. Once they’ve managed this 10-12 times, children begin to be able to use it independently.
  • If your child doesn’t manage to use the potty, do not scold them or behave in any way that could make them feel ashamed. Instead, simply say to them, “The pee/poop goes in the potty.”
  • Before naps and bedtime, tell your child that it is time to use the potty. Avoid asking them if they want to go. Put a diaper on them just before falling asleep to avoid minor accidents.

On the second day stick to the method used on the first day.

  • On the second day, you should also take them out of the house for an hour in the afternoon. Wait for your child to pee on the potty, and then go out straight after. This helps them to learn to go to the toilet voluntarily.
  • When you leave the house, have your child wear loose pants with nothing underneath. Do not wear diapers or normal underwear. Your goal is to go out and get back to the house without having an accident and without having to use the potty when they are outside.
  • Stay close to your house. Simply take a walk around the neighborhood. Take a portable potty with you just in case.

On the third day:

  • Stick to the instructions you followed on the first day, but now you should also take your child out of the house twice: an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Each time, invite your child to use the potty before you go out.
  • Again, when you go out, your child should wear loose pants with nothing underneath. Take the portable potty and a change of clothes just in case things do not go well.

What do I do if my child isn’t potty trained in 3 days?

If you don’t get good results, wait approximately 6 to 8 weeks to try again. Remember that this technique requires patience, giving a lot of support, and time.


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