Infant Potty Training

Infant Potty Training

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Some parents who use the Infant Potty Training Method, avoid diapers completely by racing their baby to the nearest bathroom whenever they anticipate a poop or pee. Some parents use diapers on and off. Typical children who have been introduced to Infant Potty Training know when they have to use the toilet and get themselves there successfully by 18 months.

While Infant Potty Training seems to be a unique idea and radical idea for American parents. Infant Potty Training is not a new idea. Before 1950, most children in the United States were toilet trained by 18 months.  In other countries around the world, most babies are potty trained by 18 months. It is considered a viable method for many families around the world.  It also has value environmentally, financially, parent bonding, child independence and it is very sanitary.

Why are North America babies trained later than most children around the world today? It is speculated that the changing views of experts about toilet training, as well as the invention of disposable diapers, has pushed potty training to 2 to 3-year-olds being potty trained. Little scientific assessment has been done to evaluate the different method of potty training.

Pediatrician Benjamin Spock and other experts began advocating a more relaxed approach to toilet training in the 1950s. In the 1960s, pediatrician and parenting expert T. Berry Brazelton advocated an even gentler, more “child-centered” philosophy: He encouraged parents to allow children to follow their own timetable when it came to giving up diapers.

Brazelton’s view caught on around the same time as disposable diapers, which tend to be more comfortable for babies (they’re so absorbent that babies don’t feel wet) and easier for parents to deal with. Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that the average age of toilet training crept up to an older age.

Are there advantages to use the Infant Potty Training Method


This method is not widely used in the United States today but has been used in the past in the United States up until the last 35 or so years. The Infant Potty Training Method is used widely throughout the world. Although the advantages are not based on scientific evidence, parents who believe in this method share the following advantages:

  • It promotes parent-baby bonding. Parents develop a very close and responsive relationship with their baby.
  • Parents who use the technique are also likely to embrace attachment-style parenting – an approach to childrearing that encourages practices like the family bed, prolonged breastfeeding, and carrying your baby close in a sling.
  • Advocates of this method believe that your baby will be more comfortable. Wet and dirty diapers are not comfortable for babies. Fussing babies are typically responding to a wet and dirty diaper. 
  • It allows your baby to exert his growing independence. The baby can be taught to go to the potty on their own and potty when needed. Rather than struggling with diapers.
  • It reduces diaper waste and is better for the environment. It is also helpful to a family budget.
  • It’s normal and natural. Caregivers can learn to read a baby’s signal similar to signals of when a baby is hungry or tired.
  • In the United States, proponents of the method aim to get their baby quickly to a potty. The method is considered very hygienic and sanitary.

Can The Potty Fairy Be Used with the Infant Potty Training Method? 

Although integrating The Potty Fairy into this method may not be as straightforward as when the child is older. even very young children show intense interest in books and pictures.  Infants love music and dance.  The Potty Fairy can be a part of the Infant Potty Training Method as general enrichment that you provide for your infant. Have fun with your child no matter the age when potty training. 

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Remember: The Potty Fairy enhances ALL Methods of Potty Training.

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