Fast Track Method of Potty Training

Adorable little boy, running in yellow oilseed rape fieldFast Track Potty Training or Toilet Training in Less Than a Day

The Fast Track Method was developed in the 1970s by two psychologists, Dr. Nathan Azrin and Dr. Richard Foxx.  The two psychologists were researching how learning could happen more rapidly in general, which was later used for potty training children.

The concepts that came from their research regarding rapid learning was used first with special needs people.  They learned that their rapid learning methods did help special needs people to learn how to self-care.  The psychologists then decided to try out the rapid learning method to toilet train children. First, they tried the strategies with special needs children and they discovered that with their method, special needs people could learn to potty train 95% of the time in an average of 3 days. They believed average children could learn even faster.

After developing the additional training procedures the psychologist tried the enhanced method with normal children and the results well exceeded their positive expectations. They found that an average child of average intelligence potty trained in 1/2 day.  Within 4 hours of training with this method, the child learned to potty on the potty chair and was motivated to do so. Results have reported success from 75%-95% of the children learning with this method.

Due to the fact that the rapid learning method worked so well, the psychologists devised additional new training procedures that emphasized language ability, imagination, imitation, verbal rehearsal and verbal instruction as well as learning by reward for normal children.

The main idea of the Fast Track Method (rapid learning) to teach potty training are:

1. teaching through pretend play (dolls) 

2. positive reinforcement (rewards)

3. practice drills

4. overcorrecting for accidents

5. Prerequisites are necessary

Azrin and Foxx emphasize the importance of timing.  In their book, Azrin and Foxx specify that kids should be 20 months or older, and they should meet several developmental criteria. In particular, kids should be able to do the following:

  • sit up by themselves
  • walk
  • stay dry for a couple of hours at a time
  • imitate
  • recognize a full bladder
  • point to body parts that you name
  • retrieve objects for you
  • follow simple instructions
  • Kids should also be able to pull a pair of loose-fitting underpants up and down by themselves

Key components of the Fast Track Method are:

  • The Potty Training experience must be pleasant for your child.
  • The Fast Track Method is only introduced to children that are ready for potty training.
  • The child has to be relaxed on the potty chair.
  • Provide the child reinforcement or reward for desired behavior
  • Imitation and social influence by the use of a doll that wets or a sibling demonstration
  • Read the book – “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day”  Dr. Azrin and Dr. Foxx.

The Fast Track concepts, ideas, and method are research-based and tested. The Potty Fairy products align with and enhance the Fast Track Method in many ways:

  • Make the potty training experience pleasant for your child by using The Potty Fairy story, song, and poem.
  • The use of imagination and play by including The Potty Fairy as part of your child’s potty training experience.
  • Bud and Blossom, The Potty Fairy helpers, are a part of the potty training process and leave underwear and food rewards for positive behavior.
  • The use of verbal language by reading the book and listening to the song and poem.
  • The fairies leave rewards when a child stays dry, reinforcing or rewarding desired behavior.
  • The Potty Fairy recommends a celebration when your child is successful with a party or special dinner with family and friends which aligns with the use of food for rewards.
  • Have your child decorate a Potty Fairy crown to encourage creativity and imaginative play.
  • Imitation of going to the bathroom can be provided by a parent, sibling or friend.  A real person role modeling the process can also be used instead of or in addition to a doll. 
  • The Potty Fairy enhances all Methods of Potty Training and aligns beautifully with the Fast Track Method.

The Fast Track Method requires preparation ahead of time for the parents to be successful.  Read the book, make sure you and your child are ready. Have your supplies and equipment ready to go before starting the process. Remember to include The Potty Fairy products to enhance this method or any method you choose to use!

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Recommended Book and Resources if attempting this method:

Azrin NH and Foxx RM. 1974. Toilet training in less than a day. New York: Pocket Books. – See more at

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  1. These tips are great! In the process of potty training a 2 year old boy and am very frustrated. Going to give fast track a go and see how it works thanks!!

  2. I am glad you find the tips helpful. Be sure to get all your “ducks in a row” before starting. Have fun with your little guy! Make it a fun and exciting adventure. The Potty Fairy

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