Weekend Sports Camp Method

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The Weekend Sports Camp Method

This method is for parents who like to plunge right into potty training and focus intensively on the potty training process.  This method of potty training is not for all parent-child relationships and is not for a younger child or baby.

It this method will work, will also depend on a child’s personality. Some children do not like to be pushed out of diapers too quickly, while other children welcome the opportunity and train quickly and easily.  This concentrated method is similar to the gradual method, but it is more concentrated and moves at a quicker pace.

Being a teacher for gifted children, who differentiated curriculum for quick learners in the school system, it is refreshing to know that there is differentiated potty training methods as well! It makes perfect sense.  Every child is different and every parent is not the same. Different methods are needed to reach this goal and The Potty Fairy enriches and enhances every method.

BEFORE Potty Training Game Warm-up

Children who are verbal, positive and receptive to pre-potty training warm-up and want to please attitude toward their potty trainers are suitable candidates for this intensive method of potty training.  (Notice the “warm-up” which is much like a game.)

The concentrate is the key. Approach the weekend with a fun-loving attitude that comparable to playing a game, not a competition.  To be successful, you will need to be with your child constantly while they are awake.  You will need to watch your child’s every move and be alert to any bowel or bladder signals. Cancel all other commitments outside of this process as this a private training session not open to the public.

Select the right season of the year for where you live.  Choose a time of year when there is good mood weather and be ready to move into the method when your child is in a good mood time period.  If at any time, the mood gets negative, end the game.

Schedule the potty training camp ahead of time. The day before, announce to your child that tomorrow is a special day: “We are going to play a special game,” and repeat “special game” over and over during that day.

Hold a pre-game warm-up. Continue to emphasize that this is a special day and that you are going to do something special today. Share, “We are going to play the game of no-more-diapers and use the toilet.” Mention people in the family that use the toilet and tell the child they will use the potty chair like their mom, dad, brother or sister, as this will be motivational for your child. Let your child enjoy your excitement. Children get excited about what we get excited about.

Select the right uniform for the potty training game. Best is baby’s birthday suit, weather permitting, otherwise a long, loose shirt. No diapers, please. Show baby the training pants-his “special pants.” Show him or her how to put on the special pants and how to push them down and pull them up. Make it a big deal and lots of fun.

Take pictures, on your phone for instant results, and show them to your child as they wear undies, use the toilet etc. Demonstrate the push-down and pull-up maneuver in front of a mirror. All the while, keep a game-like atmosphere. If baby periodically loses interest or protests, take time out for a snack break.

Hand out the equipment. Share the Potty Fairy story with your child.  Bring out “special prizes” that the Potty Fairies will leave out randomly for the child to find when they stay dry. Like handing out party prizes, one by one unveil the tools of the trade: potty-chair, PF underwear or underwear with stickers, and reward stickers or small snack reward packages.


The sitting drill. Practice sitting on the potty-chair “just like mom, dad, sister, or brother.” Put the potty-chair next to yours and sit together and chat awhile.

Instruction manuals. As you’re sitting on your respective potty- chairs, read The Potty Fairy book about potty training and other potty training books.

Conduct a “getting-on-potty-chair-and-what-to-do-there drill” so that your child knows what to do. Let him watch you or a sibling.  Demonstrate doing pee and poo or pretend while using grunting sound can give him the idea.

Potty Training Game  BEGINS

Meanwhile, you have watched your child carefully you know his/her moves as far as potty needs.  Watch for your child’s signals. At the first squat, immediately say “go potty” as you direct him toward the potty-chair, which is either on the kitchen floor or in the bathroom next to your toilet. Shadow baby all day issuing reminders of “go potty” at each about-to-go signal. Keep potty chair in a central location or close to where you are. Repetition of the association between baby’s about-to-go signals and your “go potty” cues helps baby make the connection: “When I get the urge, I go to the potty.”


A reward for success.  A reward for staying dry. New “big boy” or “big girl” underwear placed on the bed at night by the potty fairies to use in the morning is exciting for a child.  Some parents like to put stickers on the potty chair when the child uses it.  The child enjoys putting the stickers on the chair to decorate it and you can count up the times the child uses the potty chair.  Random rewards during the day to celebrate staying dry is motivational. Catch them doing good!


Don’t expect nights free of diapering. It may be several months or even years after a child is potty trained during the day.   Have the Potty Fairies leave fresh new underwear on the bed at night to change into in the morning when the child wakes up and uses the potty chair right away. Children are so excited to find the new undies in the morning and it is an excellent reminder to use the toilet right away and start the day with dry underwear.  If the underwear is new, and look wonderful to a child, they will not want to wet them or dirty them.

Not Working?

If this intensive and fast-paced game style isn’t working, don’t feel that you’re a failure as a teacher or that your child has failed. You may have a casual kid who needs a casual approach. Each child is unique and finding the right method that works for them might take a few tries. The need for diapers does pass and your child will train eventually.

IMG_7157- front cover of bookLet The Potty Fairy help with potty training! The Potty Fairy

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