A Boy, A Mom and The Potty Fairy

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Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend.  It is a day that we set aside to honor and thank our moms for all the love and care they have given us.   We plan a special meal or we get a gift or flowers, maybe a card, but we let our moms know how much we appreciate them in our own way.  We are preparing for Mother’s Day too and to help us celebrate we want to introduce you to a special mom.

The AskThePottyFairy.blog post for this week will highlight a special mom, Jasmine, her son Cameron and their experience with The Potty Fairy.   The “Hello To the Potty Fairy!” is a blog post written by Jasmine and she shares her experience with The Potty Fairy.   We say “Hello to Jasmine and Cameron”.

Hello To The Potty Fairy!

As some of you may know, one of my biggest struggles of motherhood so far has been potty training. The last time I shared Cam’s progress with you guys we were off to a better start. He was going and I was becoming consistent with the process. His daycare even seemed to be helping out more.

Well, I’m a little disappointed to say that things have changed. Again. This time around we is kind of back where we started. He still tells me sometimes that he has to go but it isn’t often. I know he knows when he has to go; however being able to put it into words is apart of the learning process, so that is great that he’s still telling me.

His school has not been very helpful lately, it seems as though they are using the pull-ups we give them like diapers. We’ve had multiple talks with his teachers about how he uses the potty at home, so it really bothers me that he isn’t going at all when he’s at daycare.

And the biggest frustration of the potty training dilemma…

Cam still BARELY does number two in the potty! When he does number two in his pull-up or underwear, I try my best to explain to him that we potty and poop in the pot (or the toilet). I show him where the right places to go are, and I have him repeat it back to me and show me where he is supposed to potty.

I know that I’m not innocent, I have a lot of work to do myself as well.I don’t ask him if he has to potty often. You know the term, consistency is key, that is definitely key when it comes to potty training.

However all hope has NOT been lost, thanks to … The Potty Fairy! 

If you’re struggling with potty training your little one, then The Potty Fairy Blog is just for you. It has all the tips and tricks that you need for potty training, including The Fast Track Method which was, of course, my favorite post. Actually, I think my favorite post was the one about pooping in the pot, but you catch my drift.

This blog is perfect if you are in the middle of potty training and are feeling a bit overwhelmed. There’s even a book (I-pad and Kindle edition) and a CD with The Potty Fairy song for you to play your little one. How awesome is that? Of course, I had to buy the book for my son and we it read together. If you’re anything like me right now, this book and the blog is definitely a necessity to your potty training process. 

So take it from me and go check out this awesome site yourself, there are tons of tips and tricks to help you along your Potty Training Journey with your little one.

This has been perfect for my son and me on our potty training journey, I know it’ll be perfect for you too!

IMG_7157- front cover of book

The book can be purchased at www.thepottyfairy.com

If you would like a portion of proceeds to go to Jasmine and Cameron just type in the code JBook during the purchase, and if you want to purchase the CD for extra fun and singing just type in the code JCD. 

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