Potty Training is Child’s Play


Parents want to provide the best possible opportunities for their children.  The use of the internet and technology has provided parents a vehicle to research a wide range of topics, including potty training.  We are happy you have found yourself here at The Potty Fairy blog: AskThePottyFairy.blog You will find articles regarding many potty training topics and potty training information. 

Why and how The Potty Fairy enhances any potty training method that you select is the topic of discussion of this blog article.  The underlying reason many parents have found success in potty training their child by using The Potty Fairy is because  The Potty Fairy bring imaginative play to the process.  Why is  this important and why is play important for your child? Please read on and learn more about this particular idea. 



Educational research tells us  that children learn best in an environment which allows them to explore, discover, and play.  Play is closely tied to the development of a child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical behavior and development.  Play is a child’s work and it is how a child learns.  Integrating play into the potty training process can only enhance a child’s potty training experience.  The use of The Potty Fairy in the potty training process integrates play into the process and will help your child be successful. It amazes me that more has not been done on the topic of play and potty training.  Educational research has been clear about the importance of play and the importance of good potty training experience!

Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them.  Children develop social skills and cognitive skills thru play.  It has been noted that children can mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments thru play.  Potty training requires a child to use social and cognitive skills. It also requires a child to mature and develop self-confidence to be able to successful use the potty chair. Play can help these areas. 

2553FB66-A572-435A-9308-DE277262FD9AImaginative play is essential in the learning process and can advance cognitive development. Through imaginary games and storytelling children  can learn new skills. The Potty Fairy is all about imaginative play.  The child dreams of fairies that leave “catch them being dry” prizes.  The Potty Fairy  leaves underwear on the bed at night to wear the next day.  The child imagines The Potty Fairy watching their potty training process and how they are doing. The Potty Fairy and her helpers are there to support and encourage the child.  A child’s parent can embellish on The Potty Fairy involvement as much as they like, thru stickers, notes, and underwear.  Parents use their imaginations to make the potty training process as playful and imaginative as they like! It can be a whole lot of fun!


Using play and imagination to support a child’s learning, supports and encourages a child’s healthy development. Potty training is an important developmental process for a child. A negative potty training experience is concerning and should be avoided. Creating a positive process embedded in play and imagination creates a positive and healthy learning process.



Learning primarily happens around four major learning modalities.  These modalities are:

Visual learning

Auditory learning

Read/write learning

Kinesthetic learning or movement

Involvement in all the areas of learning is a comprehensive way to embed learning.  The Potty Fairy products provide learning opportunities in all areas.3AD1DC33-34E5-424A-9768-9669D8B9BF21


The Potty Fairy provides enrichment products  in all 4 learning modalities.  The Potty Fairy e-books, stickers, underwear, CD/MP3 download  provides learning in all learning modalities.  Free downloads on The Potty Fairy website will also enhance your child’s learning in all modalities. Fill out the contact form and let us know that you want to be alerted to new materials be added!


The Potty Fairy Reward Chart encourages learning all the major learning modalities.  The chart has different activities for the child to do and perform and there are activities in all areas of learning. Stickers can be used to mark the activities performed and completed.  Activities include imaginary games and storytelling which will help children adapt learning habits and improve their vocabulary.



The Potty Fairy not only helps a child to learn to use the potty chair but will also encourage cognitive development, creative thinking and imaginative play.  Essential preschool skills are worked on and developed. You will see your child gain self-confidence thru imaginative play.  The Reward Chart activities will help your child gain important skills that they can use in other areas of their young lives thru this experience.  The activities and learning that happen with potty training can be transferred to learning throughout a child’s young life. This is just the beginning of exciting preschool years.  


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If you are preparing to potty train your child, select a method that you feel comfortable with and purchase The Potty Fairy products and download the FREE products to enhance your child’s potty training experience with imaginative play and essential learning opportunities. Make your child’s potty training experience positive and the best possible experience available. You will be glad you did!  The Potty Fairy

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