Ask The Potty Fairy: Top Ten 2017 Blog Posts and Upcoming 2018 Blog Topics

It’s our pleasure to share the 2018 New Year Potty Training Blog Topic List for the upcoming year!  We are also happy to share the Top Ten Blog Posts of 2017 based on the number of readers per blog post.


Top Ten 2017 Blog Posts

  1.  Diapers and Mother Earth
  2.  Potty Training Around The World
  3.  Potty Training for Preschool
  4.  Brightside Method
  5.  Three Day Method
  6.  Poop, There It Is
  7.  Potty Training In Nature
  8.  Dad Can Do It
  9.  Child-Led Method
  10.  Fast Track Method

Note: Out of 32 Blog Posts

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We are excited to unveil our 2018 list! 

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The 2018 list was developed over the course of this past year experiences which include; travels, webinar events, processing customer comments, reading emails, and shared discussions.  Parents with children have come up with the topics that they want to know more about.  We will learn more about potty training practices around the globe due to the high interest in the article regarding “Potty Training Around the World”, as well as our own curiosity. Let’s make 2018 the best year yet. Happy New Year!


2018 Ask The Potty Fairy Blog Topics:

  1. Potty Fairy Potty Training Webinar
  2. Unique Inventions for Potty Training
  3. Night-time Potty Training
  4. The History of Potty Training
  5. Potty Training Regression
  6. Potty Training thru Play
  7. Potty Training Anxiety
  8. Montessori Potty Training
  9. The Importance of a Positive Potty Training Experiences
  10. Potty Training Dolls
  11. Potty Training in France
  12. Potty Training in the Caribbean

We will post a monthly blog post in 2018 and add these posts to our posts.  Over the course of the upcoming year we will develop a list of topics for 2019 when we receive your feedback and comments! We love hearing about your ideas.

We appreciate your interest as we dive deeper into potty training and hope you enjoy the information. Happy New Year.

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