Peepeepants Saved The Day! (and Night)

By Blogger, Mary Pap December 27, 2018

Mary Pap, creator of The Potty Fairy, happened upon a cool product called,  Peepeepants, and she wanted to learn more about these special pants so completed a Q/A with the creator, Jeanne Foley.

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Diaper leaks are the worst. As a new parent, we are already sleep deprived and just getting through the day can be an effort, so waking up to a soaking wet baby and having to wash all the sheets is not a welcome task.  Jeanne Foley, creator of Peepeepants, knows this all too well. After realizing that there weren’t really any options out there for preventing diaper leaks, she decided to use her background as a technical designer, to create one.  Peepeepants are a light-weight, washable and reusable diaper cover that completely solves the problem of diaper leaks.

If you are sick of throwing away money on expensive nighttime diapers, booster pads and mattress/sheet protectors, you need Peepeepants. As a fellow “momtrapraneur,” I was happy to connect with her and ask a few questions about her innovative product and what’s next!

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Who is/was your biggest inspiration for creating Peepeepants?

My daughter Francesca (we call her Frankie) was the inspiration for creating Peepeepants. I would wake up almost every morning to a soaking wet baby and bed. Her diaper was not holding up through the night. I read about diaper leaks and tried every trick out there from doubling up on the diaper, changing the size, adding booster pads and of course all of the mattress protectors out there.  It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t something I could put over the diaper to catch the leaks before they got all over the place.

After realizing there wasn’t something simple to solve that problem, I decided to make something. The first few prototypes I sewed myself (I have a fashion design background and love to sew). Slowly but surely the design evolved and after a lot of trial and error, the final design worked! It actually worked so well, I decided to find a manufacturer that could make them for me so that I could share them with other parents! 

How many children have tried your product?

Since this product is brand new, I decided to order only a small quantity of 50 samples in 3 different sizes to have friends and family test out and give feedback. Thankfully word spread about them and I’ve received a ton of positive feedback. It gave me the confidence to place a larger order and get them on Amazon for all the parents out there to benefit from.

Are there any other products on the market that are similar to your product?

Nothing that I could find. There are a ton of products that protect the mattress from getting soaked and some work better than others. I didn’t love the disposable sheet protectors because it felt so wasteful but most of all I hated having to strip the bed every day to wash the sheets and blankets. Peepeepants are the first lightweight, super absorbent, washable diaper cover that has a unique (patent pending) design that prevents diaper leaks at the source. They really do save a lot of hassle, expense and waste compared to all other options that are out there.

Do you make the Peepeepants or do you have them made by someone else?

I made the first few prototypes and then found a great manufacturer to make them with higher quality and more cost effectively.

What do you think makes your product unique to other leaky diaper protection out there?

I think the biggest difference is that my product actually goes on the baby. It’s also made of much more high-tech materials. The old plastic diaper covers that our parent’s generation used, were really the last iteration of a diaper cover that protected from leaks. I think parents just haven’t been given a better option other than the mattress and sheet protectors. Now they don’t have to!

When will your Peepeepants be available to purchase?

They are available to pre-order on and will be shipping in February. I’m also very excited to make them available on Amazon in February for all those Prime Parents out there!

Will you be offering your product online and in stores?

For now I’m offering them online, I’d love to offer them in stores and will work on establishing relationships with retailers. It’s important to me to get them out there as much as possible because I truly believe they make a huge difference and know they will help a lot of other families dealing with this problem.

Have you field tested your product?

Yes, lots of testing! I wanted to make sure there was an actual need for this product before diving in and ordering a larger quantity. I’m excited to be sending out a lot of samples to parents I’ve connected with through social media as well to get more feedback and hope that they will share their stories. There is nothing better to spread the word about a great product than word of mouth!

What sizes are your Peepeepants available in?

They will be available in 3 sizes to start.  12-18months, 18-24months & 3T.  These are the ages that I needed them for my daughter.  I have had a ton of requests for larger sizes since there isn’t a great option for older kids who still have problems with bed-wetting. I’m learning so much from these requests and plan on adding larger sizes to the line soon. I’ve also had requests from special needs parents who think these would be useful for their older children as well. I’m VERY excited to extend the line to be able to cater to all the kids that may find these useful.

Will your pants be available in different colors?

For now we’re keeping it simple with one color, it helps keep the cost down so that I can offer it at a great price. Since they are intended to layer under clothing, it didn’t matter as much to get started. Eventually I’d LOVE to get some fun prints and colors in the works so it’s definitely something I’ll explore as I get more feedback from customers and the business grows.

Do you have recommendations for Peepeepants from Daycare providers? and/or a Pediatrician?

I’m working on getting recommendations from Daycare providers and pediatricians. I’ve had one daycare very interested in having them at their facility because children often have accidents and diaper leaks during nap time which causes a lot of extra clean up. With Peepeepants, if kids are prone to this, they can simply put them on prior to nap time and throw them in the wash right after. No more sanitizing the cot and everything that got soaked!

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

I’m not one to typically give advice on potty-training because I’m still learning and going through the process with my daughter, which is why I love blogging about it and learning from experts!  I do think one thing that really helped me is making getting the first pair of underwear an event. I actually did not think of that, my mom did.  She knew I was having a bit of trouble keeping consistent with potty-training and when she came to visit she brought a cute set of undies and had her open them like a big surprise!  I also used to be terrified about Frankie having an accident when we were out of the house (or even in the house).  Once I just went for it and put her in real underwear, the accidents were the moments that she realized what was happening and that she felt wet! I think it was the ah-ha moment she needed to understand that she had to go to the potty to avoid that.

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Has The Potty Fairy Visited Your House?

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The Potty (Training) Fairy


Jeanne Foley, creator of Peepeepants, was curious about The Potty Fairy and did a Q/A with me. Please enjoy this blog post she wrote: 


We all love fairies, they make scary things not so scary and add a little bit of magic to any story.  So, it only makes sense that a very special mommy dreamt up “The Potty Fairy”  while going through the potty training phase with her own kids, and now grandkids!

While potty training might be scary (mostly for the parents) at Peepeepants, we are all about finding fun ways to go through that phase and were excited to connect with the author of “The Potty Fairy” Mary Pap (love that her name is Mary because that’s my mom’s name too!) has some REALLY fun tools that can help any parent make potty training a fun and rewarding time. We wanted to learn more so we sat down and asked a few hard-hitting questions to get to the bottom of why these products work.

Who is/was your biggest inspiration for writing The Potty Fairy book?

My biggest inspiration for the story about The Potty Fairy is a little girl, Muriel and her mother, Nancy.  Muriel was a resistant potty learner and her mom was so frustrated.  Nancy and I met for coffee and she shared her frustration with Muriel.  That night when I went to sleep, I had a beautiful dream about potty fairies delivering underwear to children.  The dream made such an impact on me, I wrote the story the next day and delivered to Muriel with a pair of cute underwear.  She potty trained that weekend. She loved the concept and it worked. After that, when friends would potty train their children, I gave them a handwritten story and a pair of underwear.

What do you think makes your book unique to other potty training books out there?

The Potty Fairy is similar to the “Tooth Fairy” and “Elf on the Shelf” but is applied to potty training specifically.   The Potty Fairy taps into a child’s developmental period when imaginative play is so important.  The storybook can be combined with our enhancement products that bring the story to life. We have Potty Fairy dolls, Potty Fairy underwear and free crowns for children to make their own Potty Fairy Princess or Prince crown.  The Potty Fairy is for boys and girls!  Our storybook and products are culturally diverse as we depict children of all races and offer different skin tones for the dolls.

 When will your book be available to order?

The Potty Fairy book is available for purchase on our website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Jet, Walmart and a variety of other online stores around the world.  Our publisher has printing sites around the globe so the book is available everywhere!  The book is available in English, Spanish and French.

We have products to bring the story to life i.e.: dolls and underwear that are handmade. We are research manufacturing these products so they are more affordable.

Why is getting a special first pair of underwear so effective for kids?  Should parents make it a point when starting potty training?

I believe that a special first pair of underwear is one of the most effective motivational steps you can take for a child.  By offering special underwear, a child views the potty training process as special. They can be excited to move from diapers to underwear.  Once my children and grandchildren received their special underwear there was no going back to diapers. They were so proud of their “big boy/big girl” underwear and would show people!  In fact, one of my daughters got very sick right after potty training and had a hospital stay. When she woke up after surgery she was so upset that diapers had been put on her.  It was a wonderful sign that she wanted her special underwear back on!

How did you become recommended by early childhood development teachers and a Pediatrician?

 I am a PreK-12 Educator.  My career path ended up in educational research, program development and implementation and teacher training. It was my good fortune to meet wonderful educators at all levels. I have provided online webinar trainings so that people can develop a potty training plan with the products. Feedback from these events have provided recommendations from all areas.  I have a base of support to turn to which we all need.  The book and products have been field tested in Preschools and at home with children and parents.  When the product was first developed, we field tested and made modifications.  The Potty Fairy products have been approved by teachers, parents, pediatricians and children. I continue to seek testimonials and endorsements to provide parents with a level of confidence in the products.

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

 Prepare yourself by selecting a time to potty train that works in your schedule; read about different methods and select one that works for you and your child and your life style; sprinkle in motivational pieces and make the process fun. Focus on success and deal with disappointments but don’t make a fuss about it. Don’t bribe! Rather use the Potty Fairies to deliver notes, rewards and stickers. Let the fairies deliver the “goods” and you can partner with your child and be their best cheerleader!

Our story and products also include a song and poem that can help make the process fun!



The Potty Fairy online store is opening January 2019 so that you can purchase dolls and underwear.

The book is available for purchase now in hardcover, paperback and eBooks thru our publisher.  The Potty Rider is available now on our website.

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Are Potty Training Underwear a Big Deal?

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  How important is Potty Training Underwear?

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Are underwear important when starting potty training?  YES!  Finding the right underwear that excites your child is one of the most important items to get before starting the process.

When I first started the The Potty Fairy, I made “special” homemade Potty Fairy underwear for friends who were potty training their child, thinking this would be a motivational and fun thing for toddlers when potty training.  It did seem to help! Some people even go so far and tell their children that their underwear are magical!

Later on, I purchased training pants” type underwear and placed a PF on them.  I just assumed one should use potty training underwear when potty training. But, recently I have learned that it is advised that children who are potty training should wear regular underwear. So we have made regular underwear for girls and a boys that have a PF stamped on the rear of the underwear to align with the story.  ( as pictured in this blog post)

I have learned that children love to pick out their very own special potty training underwear and often times pick-out a pair that have a special design or character that they can relates to.   Besides a potty chair, potty training underwear is the most important things to purchase prior to beginning the potty training process. 

We all like choices and this fact includes little children.  Choices make us feel motivated and positive about anything that we are getting involved with.  When we are preparing to do something challenging, choices helps us feel in control and in charge.  Giving your child the choice on what potty training underwear to select will provide that opportunity for your child and will give them some “buy-in” to start the potty training journey.  Bring them shopping and it makes it a special day,  as together you get what you need for potty training including special underwear. This will be motivating for your child. 

Of course, you will want to have your child select underwear that you believe is a quality and a type of underwear that you believe will work best for your child.  Let them select from the ones that you approve prior to shopping and guide them through the process. 

Avoid diaper like training pants as a child will think they can continue to use them as a diaper! Pull-ups are not helpful in potty training as if the child has an accident, the pull-up does not make the child feel wet and your child will not feel the consequences of having an accident.  For people who prefer the training pant style underwear,  there are training pants that are designed so that the child will feel wet and uncomfortable but will guard the child’s clothing from getting wet.

In the beginning stages of potty training you will want to let your child wear their new underwear when at home.   When your child wears their underwear, they will see that when they have have an accident, their underwear will get wet,  and their clothing will need to be changed.  It is a process that helps them to understand, if they want to stay dry, they need to get to the bathroom before an accident occurs.  When just beginning to potty train, some suggest putting on a diaper or thick training pants when leaving home, until your child is staying drying and using the bathroom regularly.  Shorter trips out, helps them practice staying dry when not at home. 

Training pants are different from regular underwear as they are a bit thicker and will help in case of an accident. If you decide you want to use training pants, the cloth cotton training pants are thicker than regular underwear or panties and there is extra padding in the crotch area where an accident may occur.  They come in:

  • a variety of colors and designs for boys and girls.
  • a variety of sizes. 
  • very easy to pull up and down for potty training.

In addition, waterproof pull-on pants can be purchased to put over the cloth underwear in case of an accident. The waterproof pull-on pants will help protect your furniture and floors from getting wet when they do have an accident. The waterproof pull-on pants will protect should the child have an accident while on an outing, as well as during the daytime.

boy underwearThere are also training pants with a “pocket” opening so that you can add additional material to add additional absorbency for overnight or if traveling.  Parents have told me that they believe that their child was more apt to wet their pants as they felt like diapers when using this type of underpants.

One mom even told me that her child did not train using “tighty whities” underwear and she felt that this style was too much like a diaper for her child.  She struggled potty training her son when using “tighty whities”  and when she put him in boxer underwear he trained quickly as there was no room for error.

Many people have concluded that training pants need to be much like real underwear in order for proper potty training to happen.  This means your child should be able to pull them up and down easily.  Get the cutest underwear that you can find with your child so they will want to wear them and will not want to mess them up.  Consider getting a pair that is one size up from your child’s typical size is very helpful when potty training very easy of pulling up and down.

Many daycares are recommending to parents to go straight to regular underwear when you are ready to potty train.  Just remember that underwear is a BIG deal to a child and you want to let them pick them out.

In “The Potty Fairy” story, the potty fairies deliver the underwear at night, underwear that the Potty Fairy has stamped in the rear and leave them on the bed for the child to find in the morning.  This concept adds some imaginative play to the process and excitement! We all love special deliveries!IMG_7157- front cover of bookThe Potty Fairy

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