Peepeepants Saved The Day! (and Night)

By Blogger, Mary Pap December 27, 2018

Mary Pap, creator of The Potty Fairy, happened upon a cool product called,  Peepeepants, and she wanted to learn more about these special pants so completed a Q/A with the creator, Jeanne Foley.

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Diaper leaks are the worst. As a new parent, we are already sleep deprived and just getting through the day can be an effort, so waking up to a soaking wet baby and having to wash all the sheets is not a welcome task.  Jeanne Foley, creator of Peepeepants, knows this all too well. After realizing that there weren’t really any options out there for preventing diaper leaks, she decided to use her background as a technical designer, to create one.  Peepeepants are a light-weight, washable and reusable diaper cover that completely solves the problem of diaper leaks.

If you are sick of throwing away money on expensive nighttime diapers, booster pads and mattress/sheet protectors, you need Peepeepants. As a fellow “momtrapraneur,” I was happy to connect with her and ask a few questions about her innovative product and what’s next!

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Who is/was your biggest inspiration for creating Peepeepants?

My daughter Francesca (we call her Frankie) was the inspiration for creating Peepeepants. I would wake up almost every morning to a soaking wet baby and bed. Her diaper was not holding up through the night. I read about diaper leaks and tried every trick out there from doubling up on the diaper, changing the size, adding booster pads and of course all of the mattress protectors out there.  It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t something I could put over the diaper to catch the leaks before they got all over the place.

After realizing there wasn’t something simple to solve that problem, I decided to make something. The first few prototypes I sewed myself (I have a fashion design background and love to sew). Slowly but surely the design evolved and after a lot of trial and error, the final design worked! It actually worked so well, I decided to find a manufacturer that could make them for me so that I could share them with other parents! 

How many children have tried your product?

Since this product is brand new, I decided to order only a small quantity of 50 samples in 3 different sizes to have friends and family test out and give feedback. Thankfully word spread about them and I’ve received a ton of positive feedback. It gave me the confidence to place a larger order and get them on Amazon for all the parents out there to benefit from.

Are there any other products on the market that are similar to your product?

Nothing that I could find. There are a ton of products that protect the mattress from getting soaked and some work better than others. I didn’t love the disposable sheet protectors because it felt so wasteful but most of all I hated having to strip the bed every day to wash the sheets and blankets. Peepeepants are the first lightweight, super absorbent, washable diaper cover that has a unique (patent pending) design that prevents diaper leaks at the source. They really do save a lot of hassle, expense and waste compared to all other options that are out there.

Do you make the Peepeepants or do you have them made by someone else?

I made the first few prototypes and then found a great manufacturer to make them with higher quality and more cost effectively.

What do you think makes your product unique to other leaky diaper protection out there?

I think the biggest difference is that my product actually goes on the baby. It’s also made of much more high-tech materials. The old plastic diaper covers that our parent’s generation used, were really the last iteration of a diaper cover that protected from leaks. I think parents just haven’t been given a better option other than the mattress and sheet protectors. Now they don’t have to!

When will your Peepeepants be available to purchase?

They are available to pre-order on and will be shipping in February. I’m also very excited to make them available on Amazon in February for all those Prime Parents out there!

Will you be offering your product online and in stores?

For now I’m offering them online, I’d love to offer them in stores and will work on establishing relationships with retailers. It’s important to me to get them out there as much as possible because I truly believe they make a huge difference and know they will help a lot of other families dealing with this problem.

Have you field tested your product?

Yes, lots of testing! I wanted to make sure there was an actual need for this product before diving in and ordering a larger quantity. I’m excited to be sending out a lot of samples to parents I’ve connected with through social media as well to get more feedback and hope that they will share their stories. There is nothing better to spread the word about a great product than word of mouth!

What sizes are your Peepeepants available in?

They will be available in 3 sizes to start.  12-18months, 18-24months & 3T.  These are the ages that I needed them for my daughter.  I have had a ton of requests for larger sizes since there isn’t a great option for older kids who still have problems with bed-wetting. I’m learning so much from these requests and plan on adding larger sizes to the line soon. I’ve also had requests from special needs parents who think these would be useful for their older children as well. I’m VERY excited to extend the line to be able to cater to all the kids that may find these useful.

Will your pants be available in different colors?

For now we’re keeping it simple with one color, it helps keep the cost down so that I can offer it at a great price. Since they are intended to layer under clothing, it didn’t matter as much to get started. Eventually I’d LOVE to get some fun prints and colors in the works so it’s definitely something I’ll explore as I get more feedback from customers and the business grows.

Do you have recommendations for Peepeepants from Daycare providers? and/or a Pediatrician?

I’m working on getting recommendations from Daycare providers and pediatricians. I’ve had one daycare very interested in having them at their facility because children often have accidents and diaper leaks during nap time which causes a lot of extra clean up. With Peepeepants, if kids are prone to this, they can simply put them on prior to nap time and throw them in the wash right after. No more sanitizing the cot and everything that got soaked!

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

I’m not one to typically give advice on potty-training because I’m still learning and going through the process with my daughter, which is why I love blogging about it and learning from experts!  I do think one thing that really helped me is making getting the first pair of underwear an event. I actually did not think of that, my mom did.  She knew I was having a bit of trouble keeping consistent with potty-training and when she came to visit she brought a cute set of undies and had her open them like a big surprise!  I also used to be terrified about Frankie having an accident when we were out of the house (or even in the house).  Once I just went for it and put her in real underwear, the accidents were the moments that she realized what was happening and that she felt wet! I think it was the ah-ha moment she needed to understand that she had to go to the potty to avoid that.

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