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Potty Training Boys!

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Teaching a boy to use the potty chair will require lots of patience and love.  Experts have weighed in on a recommended age for potty training and suggest, never before 2 years old.  Prime times are ages 2.5 to 3.5.  Leaning toward a more mature age for boys is desirable.

Your son will need to demonstrate a reasonable amount of motivation and interest to start the potty training process. Motivational aids like cool underwear and awesome potty chair equipment helps.  Buddy dolls during potty training are recommended and Bud, The Potty Fairy is ready to help!  

Having a role model is important for young boys too. Children learn by seeing and doing.  Having dad or an older brother demonstrate can be very helpful.  The male role model can also encourage and support your son.   It can be a guy thing. 

Many parents teach their boys to use the toilet by sitting down to start and then teach them to stand soon afterwards. A strategy that makes a lot of sense is to teach your son to go to the bathroom by sitting on the toilet facing towards the toilet tank, or backwards.  Then transitioning to standing is easier.

For some boys the pure size of the toilet can be intimidating and can cause some anxiety. If anxiety about using the toilet occurs, many boys have been helped by using a portable urinal. It provides an appropriate height and easier for small boys to aim.

Boys can be very active and get busy with the activities they enjoy.  For this reason, boys will need reminders to use the potty chair.  It is advised to have them try every 2-3 hours.  Tell them it is time to try to potty and do not ask them if they need to go.  They will easily say they do not need to go so that they can continue with their activity.  Even potty trained boys need to be told to go rather than it being an option.  Be consistent and keep at it.  There will be accidents but keep positive and encouraging for your child.

One of the benefits of being a boy is the ability to pee outside by a tree.  I have seen this be a big motivator for boys.  If there is a private area that your child could try this, and you are comfortable with it, it might be kinda fun. It has been suggested that peeing outside is just easier as there is no need to aim. 

Make potty training a fun and exciting adventure. Something to celebrate and enjoy. The rewards of this type of frame of mind will pay off!

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