Backyard Potty Training


Are you interested in potty training your child in nature, but camping out in the woods is a bit too much?  Try taking potty training to your own backyard and potty train your child there!

Bringing your child outdoors to nature brings them that much closer to The Potty Fairies, as they live in the fields and woods near your home!  The Potty Fairy and her helpers, Bud and Blossom, will love leaving incentives all over the yard when your child stays dry and uses the potty chair.

The Bare Bottom method might just be the thing in the privacy of your own backyard.  Your child can wear an oversized t-shirt and have a bare bottom beneath the t-shirt for a quick and easy bathroom visit. Camping or being outside at home, and potty training go hand in hand. Potty Training outside is a fun way to train your child. Make it creative and fun.

Things to Think About When Potty Training Outside with a Toddler

To prepare for a weekend potty training outdoors, there are a few things to prepare for a successful weekend.  Overall, you will want to set-up a tent for sleeping and arrange your beds.  You will want to plan a menu for meals and snacks.  Think about entertainment and adventure. What will you do? For potty training, you will want to set-up an “outdoor” bathroom. 


Get Toys Readily Available: Select some toys from the house that your child enjoys and put them in a container to stay outside with you during the duration of your “backyard camping trip.” 

Get a Potty Chair: If you are focusing on potty training you will want to have a portable potty.  It might be fun to set-up a “magical” spot for going to the bathroom.  A sheet hung on the rope could create walls around the potty chair. Balloons, streamers, and decorations could help make going to the bathroom special and exciting.



Don’t be restricted to the backyard: Toddlers can get bored with if there is nothing to do, or they just want a change of scenery.  Try and plan an outing each day for a hike, bike ride, swimming or playground.

Fun in the Yard: A nature scavenger hunt is always fun! Go to the Dollar Store and find some inexpensive toys that can be hidden outside, found and played with!  Pool toys are particularly fun if you have put up a swimming pool set up for your little one to take a dip. Add some bubbles and flowers to create a fairy pool. 

Nighttime Fun: Have a campfire. Camp chairs are fun to have and there are little ones made just for little tots. Roast marshmallows, sing songs, and tell stories. Cook your food over the campfire. Get a jar and try to collect fireflies! Keep it simple. Have fun.

Make Being Outside Magical: As you hike, walk, explore, try to see things through your child’s eyes. Some children love to look at bugs, other love to collect rocks, some like to look at flowers and some love to find frogs. There are so many things to look at in nature that can fill the day with wonder.

As always, plan for lots of potty breaks.   Don’t leave the yard until your child goes to the bathroom. Encourage your toddler to go before leaving. Once you leave, you don’t know when the next available time will come that you can use the bathroom again.


IMG_7157- front cover of book

Bring The Potty Fairy with you on your camping trip!  Download The Potty Fairy story on your device and share the story with your child while camping. Watch the magic come to life and potty training take off! Enjoy and have fun.

The Potty Fairy

Copyright June 2019

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