AskThePottyFairy.blog is made for parents who are potty training their children.  Blog posts address general topics regarding potty training along with specific information about potty training a boy, or a girl as well as a review of the most popular potty training methods.  Additional topics generated by parent concerns and curiosities will be added to our library of articles.

The purpose of the blog is to provide a place where information is organized and coordinated for ease of locating information about potty training for parents who are searching for it.  The blog post articles will also provide instruction on how to integrate The Potty Fairy into ALL methods of potty training as well as provide some real evidence regarding The Potty Fairy’s effectiveness.

AskThePottyFairy.blog will be updating the blog post with new articles each month. Topics will be generated by parents thru comments, social media, and webinar discussions. Upcoming in 2018, we will be providing articles regarding worldwide potty training practices.

We also believe that parents need to be able to make informed decisions regarding the method that is best for themselves and their child.  A “one-size fits all” method of potty training is not an effective way to potty train your child.  We believe in a menu of method options so that you can make your decision regarding a potty training method for your child.  After selecting your desired method, you can create a personalized potty training program that fits you and your child.  The Potty Fairy can help in adding motivational, creative and playful enhancements to your selected method.

All blog posts are protected by copyright.   We have received requests to purchase the articles. Please send us a message at Thepottyfairies@gmail.com if you are interested in using any of the articles on this blog.

Parents have commented that the articles are extremely helpful in figuring out their individual course for themselves and their child when potty training.  Parents have also commented on the heightened motivation, creativity and imaginative fun in an environment when the Potty Fairy helps.

In addition to the AskThePottyFairyblog, we have an online store where we provide The Potty Fairy products for potty training enrichment.  The online store currently offers two e-books, for the Kindle and i-pad, along with an MP3 download of music, legend, and poem, as well as stickers, underwear and gift certificate. We also offer a FREE crown template that you can download and decorate when your child has successfully potty trained. We are adding new products the Spring of 2018. We will also be offering hardcover and softcover books, additional e-book formats, and custom Potty Fairy dolls.

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The Potty Fairy enhances and enriches all methods of potty training. It works!  http://www.thepottyfairy.com/



History of The Potty Fairy

The Potty Fairy arrived in a dream in 1989.  A friend of mine was struggling with potty training her daughter.  When I woke up from my dream about potty fairies, I wrote the dream down and shared it with my friend and her daughter.  I also made a pair of Potty Fairy pants for my friend’s daughter.  The little girl decided to train and wear her “potty fairy pants” over the weekend.  Both my friend and her little girl were so happy and excited. The Potty Fairy helped a resistant trainer and was such a game changer!

When I experienced the success that my friend and her daughter had with the Potty Fairy, I began to share the idea with other friends and parents who used the idea with the children and the result was similar!

I expanded the story and underpants to include a song and poem.  I noticed the small children easily memorized the song and it reminded them to use the potty chair in a fun, playful way.

When I saw the joy the children experienced when they were wearing the Potty Fairy pants and wanting to tell others of their success,  a crown was made so that the child could proudly wear it and tell others of their success with using the potty chair, no longer wearing diapers and wearing their big girl or boy underpants.

I learned that some children had underwear they liked that had special characters on them so I made stickers that could be placed on underwear so that the child could still believe that the Potty Fairy delivered the underwear to them as they slept.

Now retired The Potty Fairy has become my retirement passion.  Writing the blog posts and helping parents with the potty training process along with introducing The Potty Fairy products has been so rewarding and fun.  Best wishes with your potty training adventure!


img_4244Mary Pap is an educator and has a Masters Degree in Education and 30 years of experience in teaching, educational research, program design, implementation and teacher training.  Mary also facilitated parent discussion groups for 20 years to help parents with parenting a gifted child.

I do not believe in a “one size, fits all” approach to potty training.  I am offering this blog so that parents can learn about current methods and research so that they can decide what method works best for them and their child.  It is called “differentiation” or different approaches for your child and for you.  The Potty Fairy simply enriches and enhances each method.