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There is a legend that Potty Fairies love to collect clean unused diapers from children who no longer need them.   Consider telling your child that the Potty Fairies are going to collect their diapers and bring them to babies that really need them.  Share that the Potty Fairies will swap their baby diapers with big kid underwear!  Children helping children. 

Learning to help others while they help themselves. 

A win, win message for your little one.


Diaper need is the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep an infant or child clean,dry, and healthy. 

Here are the facts as stated on the National Diaper Bank website:

  • 1 in 3 American families reports experiencing diaper need.
  • 5.2 million children in the U.S. aged three or younger live in poor or low-income families.
  • Infants require up to 12 diapers per day, toddlers about 8.
  • Disposable diapers can cost $70 to $80 per month per baby.
  • No state or federal child safety-net program allocates dollars specifically for the purchase of diapers.
  • Without transportation, buying diapers at a convenience store rather than a large “big box” store can significantly increase the monthly cost of diapers.
  • Most childcare centers, even free and subsidized facilities require parents to provide a day’s supply of disposable diapers.


Ways you can help:

  • Donate diapers to your state or local Diaper Bank Organization,
  • Hold a diaper drive.
  • Volunteer at your local diaper bank.
  • Donate money.

More idea on how to get involved at:


The Potty Fairy can deliver big kid undies and collect unused diapers for babies in need.

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5 Easy Ways Dads Can Help Potty Train


Let’s take a second to think about dad’s role in potty training children. While historically moms have been the primary caregivers to small children in the home, and daycares are typically staffed with female caregivers, we need to make room for dads in this process!

  1. Let’s be honest! On average, boys take a bit longer to potty train, and it makes us wonder if it is because boys are primarily having females teach them how to use the potty chair? Dads can play an important role in potty training for boys because they can show how it’s done. They have the same parts which makes it easier to show them how to go. 
  2. It seems like men talk about going to the bathroom. A LOT. Plain and simple! Let dad connect in this way to lighten the mood, talk about what’s happening and just bring awareness. Share with them that when you drink a lot of water that you need to pee.  Keep it simple and keep it interesting. Kids are sponges and will soak up what you teach them.
  3. Learn your child’s signs together for when they have to go to the bathroom. Having a second set of eyes can help catch those cues and get your child to the bathroom in time. It can be really hard to be there at every second, but knowing and sharing those cues with anyone helping you with your child will appreciate knowing what to look for. Helping them get there will help them feel confident and capable.
  4. Dads tend to bring in a sense of competition. Check out the Sports Camp method or just create a little healthy competition. Racing to the bathroom, counting how long it takes for them to go, or just how many times a day they go successfully can be just the thing they need to make it fun and interesting. Give them a high five (after they wash their hands!) or use a chart to show your child just how many times they were successful.
  5. Last but not least, we all love an independent child. A child has to be ready to be independent with potty training. Dads can encourage this independence by reinforcing what their caregivers do all day long. Bringing the learning home in a consistent, loving, fun way is key to successful potty training. Using the same words, phrases, and how to use the toilet is key to helping a child be successful. Trying to do things differently can cause confusion, so get on the same page. Encouraging your child by reminding them of the things they CAN do can help them see they can do this too.

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Diapers and Mother Earth


One of the motivators for parents to want to potty train their child is the cost (almost $4000 a year!) and use of diapers, so we wanted to share some information we found interesting, as we started exploring the real cost to the earth and potential risks to baby’s health.

 According to the Clean Air Council, 49 million diapers are thrown away in the United States. Diapers account for 2% of waste that ends up in landfills, and while that doesn’t sound like it’s all that bad, diapers are one of the main contributors to landfill waste. And, no one really knows how long it takes for a diaper to breakdown. It could be up to 500 years since they are made almost plastic in them.

For the first 2-3 years of your baby’s life, they will be wearing diapers 24/7. This is an important developmental time in your baby’s life and they will be exposed to several chemicals over this span just from diapers. With the skin being the largest organ in our body and able to absorb whatever we put on it, it’s important to know what’s in our baby’s diapers, lotions, even clothing.

Some of the more toxic chemicals in diapers are polyethylene, petroleum, wood pulp, gelling materials, perfumes, polypropylene, as well as other petroleum-based ingredients. Another toxic chemical used in diapers is chlorine. Many of these ingredients are harmful to the environment, animals, and humans. Some of these chemicals not only cause rashes, but can also cause cancer.

Diaper Doom is a valuable resource of information for the environmental effects. Did you know…

  1. It takes one cup of crude oil to make the polyethylene plastic for one diaper. That adds up to 3.4 billion gallons of oil every year to supply diapers to all babies, which is enough to power 5,222,000 cars!
  2. Plastic retains body heat so when the plastic diaper is constantly rubbed against your baby’s skin it creates a rash.
  3. Most plastic is made from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas which release toxic emissions when extracted from the earth.
  4. In order to make your baby’s diapers feel soft, diaper companies use a plastic softener called phthalate. This is concerning to you as a parent because this chemical acts as an endocrine disruptor which can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects and developmental disorders in your precious baby.

 The most dangerous chemical found in almost every diaper brand on the market today is dioxin: a carcinogenic chemical that is a toxic byproduct of the paper- bleaching process. In addition to cancer, dioxin has also been known to cause birth defects, skin and liver disease, and genetic damage in lab animals.

We try to protect our babies from as much as we can, but should we really have to worry about their diapers, too?


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The Potty Fairy can help by supporting and motivating children to potty train. Visit The Potty Fairy for potty training products that enhance and enrich all potty training methods.




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Potty Training a Bright Toddler

IMG_7157- front cover of bookjoseph-rosales-344794-unsplash.jpg

Bright toddlers can be challenging to potty train. They are typically developmentally advanced in many areas, but are often uneven in their development. Advancing quickly in some areas, but not all areas creates the uneven development. Bright children may even need more time to potty train! Just because advanced children perform at a highly level in some areas doesn’t mean they will potty train quickly or easily or early.  Be sure your child is ready for potty training before starting.

Bright children have unique social and emotional characteristics that need to be recognized. Some of the unique characteristics include being:

  • highly sensitive
  • perfectionistic
  • extremely stubborn
  • imaginative and creative
  • a keen sense of humor
  • Independent 
  • a strong sense of justice and fairness

Recognizing these unique traits and integrating them into your potty plan will prove to be helpful.

Child on potty play with father. Photo in old image style.
Child on potty play with father

If your child is highly sensitive it will be important to minimize your reaction to accidents. If an accident occurs, simply clean them up and move on.

The bright child may have high expectations of themselves and even expect perfection. We all know that potty training is not a perfect process.  Help your child have reasonable expectations.

Children who are stubborn typically have stubborn parents. This creates an environment that power struggles can happen. Try to avoid power struggles as no one wins. Give your child time and be patient.

A bright child’s imaginative and creative spirit may need direction. I have read some crazy stories of bright children potty training and decide they are an animal in jungle, pooping in the wild. And you guessed it…what you have is a mess. Try tapping into imaginative play and creativity that leads to the outcome you want. Many gifted children have truly enjoyed imaginative play with the Potty Fairies. Writing letters, drawing pictures and communicating with their potty fairy buddy in a productive way can be helpful.

thiago-cerqueira-191866-unsplashA fun sense of humor is a life line as you potty train your child, both for you and your child. It lightens up everything and can help in so many ways.

A bright child’s desire to be independent can be tapped in to as they learn that as they learn to use the potty chair they will be free of diapers and diaper changing. Celebrating their success towards being a “big kid” and independent will be just want they want to hear.

Finally, bright children have a strong sense of justice and fairness. Telling your child that their unused diapers will be delivered to babies who need them is something that they will feel good about and will want to help others out. It is a motivator for them to know they are helping others.

Make sure the rewards or incentives that you provide your child is something they really want. Stickers or even rewards may not work with the bright child.

Prepare to celebrate your child’s success as they will eventually get there.


If you believe your child is not ready to potty train, it doesn’t hurt to prepare for when they are ready. You can start by doing the following pre-potty training activities:

  • Sing potty training songs.
  • Give your child a doll to potty train. Read potty training books.
  • You might even let your child wear underwear over their diapers for awhile.
  • Read all you can about potty training. Tips from parents and experts in the field.

Be kind to yourself, give yourself a break, remember to breathe and ask for help when you need a break.

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 Visit The Potty Fairy


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Potty Training Regression


Potty trainingAs a young mom, expecting a baby and having a 2-year-old at home, I was anxious to potty train my eldest daughter before my new baby came home.  We potty trained together when my daughter was 23 months, almost 2 years old.  She seemed ready and everything went smoothly until I brought home the new baby and when my 2-year-old became a big sister to a new baby sister.  It seemed almost instantly she was having accidents and my response at the time was to put her back into diapers.  At the time I was so busy with the new baby I was challenged to also give attention to my daughter who was regressing in her potty training. 


Cute Happy toddler sitting on potty outdoorIt was hard for me to understand why my daughter had regressed and what had happened. She seemed to be well on her way to successfully using the potty chair! Why did she suddenly reverse direction? I felt like a failure but learned that all our efforts were not a failure, but that I needed to understand why regression happened and get to the bottom of the problem and get back on track. Once things settled in with the new baby and we were able to get a reasonable schedule again, my eldest daughter returned to being potty trained. Although it did take a little effort and focus, we did not start back to the very beginning of potty training which is what I feared.


girl with new babyI learned that there is not usually one reason why kids regress when it comes to potty training. Often times, during times of transition that may cause some stress at home, like welcoming a new sibling or starting a new school, regression can occur and a potty trained child returns to needing diapers.   When this happens, you need to address the problem that caused the regression to be able to move beyond the setback. Chances are, once the transition takes place and things settle down, your child will master potty training again and be back into underwear. Patience during this time will be critical in getting thru the bumps and moving forward again. I found this to be true and that my daughter actually enjoyed the attention to get back into underwear, using the potty chair and the benefits of being the “older” sister.

If in time things do not resume to normal, you may want to check in with your child’s doctor as medical issues can also cause regression. Sometimes difficulty with pooping can cause a child to avoid using the potty chair altogether.  Accessing if this can be an issue is important and be sure to offer plenty of water and a fiber-rich diet that promotes easy pooping.

boy on potty riderIf your child is expressing fear of using the toilet, play games, read books and provide aids to make using the toilet more fun.  The Potty Fairy Potty Rider, available on our website.  has been so helpful in alleviating fears about the toilet. Children who have expressed fear of falling into the toilet feel secure on the Potty Fairy Potty Rider.  The Potty Fairy book and enrichment products can also be helpful in bringing imaginative fun to the process with books, music and other enrichment products.  Bringing imaginative fun and adventure to potty training motivates children to use the potty chair.  The little guy in the picture was fearful of the toilet but with Bolt the horse to keep him secure he is all smiles. 


Getting back on track with potty training will require some consistent reminders to use the potty chair. Make a commitment to schedule your child’s visit to the potty chair as a part of your routine. Your child should use the toilet at least every two hours to get them back on track. To help with the transition from regression to using the potty chair again begin to give gentle reminders and encouragement to use the potty chair. Often time accidents happen because a child is busy in an activity and they do not want to stop to go and use the bathroom. 

step stoolsExplain to your child they are a big boy or girl and that they need to use the bathroom rather than use a diaper.  Remind them every hour or two and walk them to the bathroom before meals, before bedtime and before leaving the home.  In between times when needed. Have them use the bathroom right away in the morning, before m

Your response to your child when they use the potty chair successfully or have an accident can have a strong impact on their progress. You will want to give lots of positive attention to success and calm attention to accidents. If an accident occurs, quickly and quietly assist your child to clean-up and do not make a big deal.  Make big deals about success!


Hockey Stick or BudIncentives to stay dry are helpful. It is worth your while to brainstorm rewards that will truly be a reward for your child. The Potty Fairies love leaving incentives or rewards for your child and this helps keep the rewards, rewards and not bribes. Give rewards for staying dry not using the potty chair. After a few successful days, provide a special treat to an ice cream store or toy store with just you. A special treat with their parent all to themselves.  Praise can be a huge reward too that they are your special big boy or girl, not a baby that needs diapers can be the best reward.



If you can, keep your child in underwear, even if they are in a period of regression.  You want your child to feel discomfort when they have an accident. You don’t want revert to diapers so that your child regresses back into diapers when they have been successful at wearing underwear. Keep them moving forward as an independent potty user! Best wishes. 




blog-favorite things


The Potty Training Consultant recently wrote a blog post called “Potty Training Products I Love”, which is a lovely post about her 6 favorite potty training products. “The Potty Fairy” book was included in these favorite potty training products!  Please check out this blog post and see the other products recommended by Potty Training Consultant!


She shares that “working with many different families with children of all ages and abilities, I am always on the lookout for products to make the potty training process easier and more fun. I wanted to share with you what I feel are the best potty training products on the market right now. Get one, or get them all for the ultimate potty training experience!”

One of her favorite products is our “The Potty Fairy” book!

IMG_7157- front cover of book

She also shares: “The Potty Fairy is a brand new potty training book that brings a fun new approach to learning how to use the potty. It features the Potty Fairy and her helpers, Bud and Blossom, who visit children during their potty training process bringing rewards and encouragement. I love that this book is a different concept than what we’ve seen in potty training books in the past and will really speak to your child’s imagination.”


goodreads image

The Potty Fairy book is being featured on Goodreads!  Please visit this site and give The Potty Fairy a 5-star rating and sign up for the Book Giveaway!  5 Books will be given away to 5 lucky winners!  If you want to read the story before rating, send us your email address and we will send you a free eBook from the Potty Fairy! 

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New Potty Chair Design: Potty Safe

potty safe

When we saw this potty chair we instantly thought, “why didn’t I think of that”! The Potty Safe potty chair has a special feature that every parent will appreciate!

To see if our first impression was “spot on” we asked an expert, a parent in the midst of potty training her little girl!  We fast forwarded a Potty Safe potty chair to this mom and after a few days of using the Potty Safe potty chair she shared her thoughts with us:


First of all, mom loved  the lock feature of potty bowl as her daughter loved to play with the bowl of the chair she had and would put it on her head!  (Ugh)  Potty Safe kept her daughter from this favorite activity that mom did not care for.  Other attributes that this mom noticed, is the “bump” on the front of the chair design, as it defines the bowl better than other potty chairs. She believes the design would be great for boys, keeping pee in the bowl and not on the floor. Mom likes the heights of the Potty Safe Potty Chair as it is taller than the other chair she had and seemed sturdier!


This is awesome feedback from a mom potty training her daughter. This mom works in the medical field. She is highly aware and concerned about germs and cleanliness. Potty Safe provided a better product option in her opinion.

 The makers of Potty Safe shared some information to some questions we had. Please enjoy reading the Question/Answer section of our blog:

pink potty

What was your biggest inspiration for creating Potty Safe?

Our inspiration came when potty training our daughter. She loved being a big helper and try- ing to dump the potty, and she also loved to show off her accomplishments. Since the waste bowls came out so easily, she was able to the get them out in a flash and it usually ended up in a huge mess all over her and the floor. When I searched all over for a “child proof” potty chair that featured a waste bowl that kids couldn’t remove, I was in shock it didn’t exist. So, I went and bought some materials that I thought would get the job done. I told my husband my idea, handed him the materials, and asked him to “fix it”. He is a great fabricator and has patience of steel, so he can figure anything out. And that’s how Potty Safe was born!

What was your biggest challenge for creating Potty Safe?

I would say our biggest challenge for creating Potty Safe was navigating unchartered waters of getting a product to market, and balancing that while holding down full-time jobs. I have my B.S.B.A in Accounting, my husband is a welder, and we live on a farm. So, our backgrounds do not include any knowledge about launching a product to retail. It has been a roller coaster for sure, but a fun adventure! We’ve learned by asking any questions possible and researching all we can. The real work begins after we get the kids down for bed and come together to work on Potty Safe. It’s a lot of work that can be stressful, but something we are very passionate about so it makes it all worthwhile!

How many children have tried your product?

Since we just launched a few months ago, we have about 20 kids using a Potty Safe currently, with the number growing every day.

Are there any other products on the market that are similar to your product?

While there are quite a few potty-training chairs on the market, none of them offer a child proof latch that Potty Safe does.

What makes your product unique to other potty chairs?

Potty Safe is definitely unique because of our latch that secures the waste bowl to the base.

How long have you been selling Potty Safe?

We launched our website on Aug 21, 2018 to start accepting pre-orders. On Oct 26, 2018 we received our first shipment of inventory.

Do you offer your product online or in stores?

Potty Safe is currently offered online at www.PottySafe.com and at a local shop, Forever Yours Embroidery in Cassville, MO that features gifts for all ages also along with personalization services.

potty safe on shelves

Is Potty Safe available in different colors?

Potty Safe is currently offered in a bold neutral yellow, or a Pink fit for a Princess! We look to expand color options as business starts ramping up more.

Do you have reviews for Potty Safe from parents who have used it?  

We are getting great reviews from customers.

What is the most important feature of your potty chair?

Our most important feature is the child proof latch. It prevents children from taking out the waste bowl and making a mess. This not only eliminates spills, it also helps to eliminate the spread of germs. And of course, one of my favorite things about Potty Safe is that it saves parents some stress while potty training! Let’s face it, potty training is stressful! Parents have little time in the day as it is, and the last thing they need is to be cleaning up unnecessary spills and giving extra baths.

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

Of course, my number one piece of advice is get a Potty Safe! All good fun aside, I would say do not underestimate the amount of time and patience it takes. Every child is different, and they complete potty training at different rates. It is important to not compare your child’s progress with other children. This only creates more stress for your toddler, and yourself.

yellow potty

Anything else you would like to add about your products?

Potty Safe is Made in the USA out of recyclable material. It also features a built-in splash guard, and rubber feet to prevent sliding.

We hope that our story can inspire others to go after their dream. We get messages very often from people asking about how we started this process because they have ideas for products. We divulge all that we know so we can help in anyway possible. It is nice people whom we have encountered on this journey who helped us get to where we are today, and we want to help others as well!

We often run different specials, so keep an eye out for them! www.PottySafe.com



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The Three Day Method of Potty Training with The Potty Fairy

Three babies sitting indoors holding hands

Signs that Your Child is Ready for Potty Training: 

  • A child is independent and proud of accomplishments.
  • A child has dry periods.
  • A child does not like a dirty diaper.
  • A child notices others using the toilet.
  • A child can tell you when wetting their diaper
  • Pooping is obvious!
  • A child is interested in trying to use the toilet


Preparation for three-day method of potty training:

  • Get oversized tee shirts for your child to wear.
  • Get a potty chair that you can move around the house.
  • Let the Potty Fairies know that you are embarking on potty training.
  • Get The Potty Fairy book and CD.
  • Get relevant rewards that the Potty Fairies can leave.
  • Get awesome undies that can be left on your child’s bed at night to put on in the morning. Potty Fairy stickers are available to place on underwear so your child can know they are from the Potty Fairy.
  • Be ready to spend 3 intense days with your child at home. You will be together.

OK, here’s how to potty train your kid in three days:

  • When your child wakes up in the morning, change his soggy diaper and bid farewell. Have your kid throw the diaper out and say “bye-bye.”
  • Change your kid into one of the oversized T-shirts you got and explain there is no diaper to catch the pee-pee or poop, so he has to put it in the potty.
  • Give your kid breakfast and an extra drink. Afterward, lead your little one to the potty. It should be a successful trip after all those liquids.
  • Go on with the day, but remember, no leaving the house for three days. Play, read, color and watch cartoons.
  • Have a constant sippy cup of water at your kid’s reach. Just like crate-training a puppy, walk your child to the potty every 15 minutes, all day long for three days.
  • Cut off all liquids and snacks after dinner.
  • Complete one final potty mission before bed.
  • Wake your kid up halfway through the night to pee. (Yes, set an alarm.)
  • Repeat for the next two days.
  • Don’t get upset about accidents. They’re not a big deal.

Days Two and Three:

  • Repeat what you did on day one.
  • Don’t get upset about accidents. They’re not a big deal.
  • Don’t react to accidents.
  • Provide praise and rewards for staying dry.
  • Leave surprises for staying dry by the potty fairies throughout the day.
  • Make the day magical and fun.

After 3 days of successful potty training, plan a celebration:

  • Have a celebration!  It will help your child stay focused and remain “trained”.
  • Decorate a Potty Fairy Princess or Princess Crown to wear at the celebration party. (download a free crown template at www.thepottyfairy.com
  • Have your child help prepare the celebration.
  • Make cupcakes or cookies. Kids love to bake.
  • Make some decorations.
  • Have your child tell others at the celebration (family and close friends what they have accomplished!  A public announcement that they will now use underwear.
  • Let them show others their “big girl or boy” underwear.
  • This is a time that you and your child can feel proud of what you have accomplished. A time to celebrate your child as they are no longer a baby with diapers.

         Best wishes on your potty training journey!  Remember The Potty Fairy !

The Potty Fairy book is available in English, Spanish and French. All versions can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. English versions in hardcover and paperback along with eBooks are available on our website at 35% off with promocode MOA35.
Book- 3 languages
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Potty Training Boys!

boy on pottyTeaching a boy to use the potty chair will require lots of patience and love.  Experts have weighed in on a recommended age for potty training. Never before 2 years old.  Prime times are ages 2.5 to 3.5.  Leaning toward a more mature age for boys is desirable.

Your son will need to demonstrate a reasonable amount of motivation and interest.  Motivational aids like cool underwear and awesome potty chair equipment helps.  Sharing with him that Bud, The Potty Fairy’s helper for boys, is there to help and support will also be helpful. 

Read The Potty Fairy story to your son and point out the Bud character. Tell your little guy that Bud will deliver underwear to him at night when he is learning to use the potty chair.  The Potty Fairy website has “Potty Fairy Approved” stickers if you want to add a layer of believability that the fairies delivered the undies at night!

Having a role model is important. Children learn by seeing and doing.  Showing your son how it is done by a male role model is important.  The male role model can also encourage and support your son. This can be an older brother or Dad.  So often women are a child’s primary caregiver in the early years of a child’s life.  A man involved with the potty training process has a lot of impact.  It can be a guy things.

Your personal preference for equipment is the right way to go.  Be cautious of urine protectors for little boys as some can scratch and bother little boys. 

A potty chair that looks cool to a boy will provide some motivation for using it.   Boys typical start potty training by sitting down and as they get bigger and can stand tall enough to the toilet can use the stand up method of going to the bathroom.  This is pretty dependent on height and size and does confirm that starting potty training when the little guy is a bit older and mature as a good idea.

Boys are very, very active and get busy with the activities they enjoy.  Boys will need reminders to use the potty chair.  It is advised to have them try every 2-3 hours.  Tell them it is time to try to potty and do not ask them if they need to go.  They will easily say they do not need to go so that they can continue with their activity.  Even potty trained boys need to be told to go rather than it being an option.  Be consistent and keep at it.  There will be accidents and it will not be a perfect process.  Keep positive and encouraging for your child and yourself.

One of the benefits of being a boy is the ability to pee outside by a tree.  I have seen this be a big motivator for boys.  If there is a private area that your child could try this, and you are comfortable with it, it might be kinda fun.

Bud, The Potty Fairy’s helper, can deliver cool underwear at night when your child has a successful day.  When your child has a successful period of time, 3-7 days, have a celebration.   Download the FREE crown from The Potty Fairy site and decorate it with your child. Have him wear the crown and have a family/friend celebration.  Have some special food and praise you child in front of people he cares about.  If you have friends potty training their child, have a group celebration where caregivers and children can celebrate together. 

Make potty training a fun and exciting adventure. Something to celebrate and enjoy. The rewards of this type of frame of mind will pay off!

One of the benefits of being a boy is the ability to pee outside by a tree.  I have seen this be a big motivator for boys.  If there is a private are that your child could try this, and you are comfortable with it, it might be kinda fun.

Moral support is always good for both parents and children.  The child’s peers are important to your child, and celebrating these big developmental steps can provide a health environment for your child’s growth and self esteem.

The Potty Fairy Enhances All Methods of Potty Training.


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Peepeepants Saved The Day! (and Night)

By Blogger, Mary Pap December 27, 2018

Mary Pap, creator of The Potty Fairy, happened upon a cool product called,  Peepeepants, and she wanted to learn more about these special pants so completed a Q/A with the creator, Jeanne Foley.

PeePee Pants (On-Figure & Boards)-57

Diaper leaks are the worst. As a new parent, we are already sleep deprived and just getting through the day can be an effort, so waking up to a soaking wet baby and having to wash all the sheets is not a welcome task.  Jeanne Foley, creator of Peepeepants, knows this all too well. After realizing that there weren’t really any options out there for preventing diaper leaks, she decided to use her background as a technical designer, to create one.  Peepeepants are a light-weight, washable and reusable diaper cover that completely solves the problem of diaper leaks.

If you are sick of throwing away money on expensive nighttime diapers, booster pads and mattress/sheet protectors, you need Peepeepants. As a fellow “momtrapraneur,” I was happy to connect with her and ask a few questions about her innovative product and what’s next!

PeePee Pants (Detail & Content)-1


Who is/was your biggest inspiration for creating Peepeepants?

My daughter Francesca (we call her Frankie) was the inspiration for creating Peepeepants. I would wake up almost every morning to a soaking wet baby and bed. Her diaper was not holding up through the night. I read about diaper leaks and tried every trick out there from doubling up on the diaper, changing the size, adding booster pads and of course all of the mattress protectors out there.  It just didn’t make sense that there wasn’t something I could put over the diaper to catch the leaks before they got all over the place.

After realizing there wasn’t something simple to solve that problem, I decided to make something. The first few prototypes I sewed myself (I have a fashion design background and love to sew). Slowly but surely the design evolved and after a lot of trial and error, the final design worked! It actually worked so well, I decided to find a manufacturer that could make them for me so that I could share them with other parents! 

How many children have tried your product?

Since this product is brand new, I decided to order only a small quantity of 50 samples in 3 different sizes to have friends and family test out and give feedback. Thankfully word spread about them and I’ve received a ton of positive feedback. It gave me the confidence to place a larger order and get them on Amazon for all the parents out there to benefit from.

Are there any other products on the market that are similar to your product?

Nothing that I could find. There are a ton of products that protect the mattress from getting soaked and some work better than others. I didn’t love the disposable sheet protectors because it felt so wasteful but most of all I hated having to strip the bed every day to wash the sheets and blankets. Peepeepants are the first lightweight, super absorbent, washable diaper cover that has a unique (patent pending) design that prevents diaper leaks at the source. They really do save a lot of hassle, expense and waste compared to all other options that are out there.

Do you make the Peepeepants or do you have them made by someone else?

I made the first few prototypes and then found a great manufacturer to make them with higher quality and more cost effectively.

What do you think makes your product unique to other leaky diaper protection out there?

I think the biggest difference is that my product actually goes on the baby. It’s also made of much more high-tech materials. The old plastic diaper covers that our parent’s generation used, were really the last iteration of a diaper cover that protected from leaks. I think parents just haven’t been given a better option other than the mattress and sheet protectors. Now they don’t have to!

When will your Peepeepants be available to purchase?

They are available to pre-order on www.peepeepants.com and will be shipping in February. I’m also very excited to make them available on Amazon in February for all those Prime Parents out there!

Will you be offering your product online and in stores?

For now I’m offering them online, I’d love to offer them in stores and will work on establishing relationships with retailers. It’s important to me to get them out there as much as possible because I truly believe they make a huge difference and know they will help a lot of other families dealing with this problem.

Have you field tested your product?

Yes, lots of testing! I wanted to make sure there was an actual need for this product before diving in and ordering a larger quantity. I’m excited to be sending out a lot of samples to parents I’ve connected with through social media as well to get more feedback and hope that they will share their stories. There is nothing better to spread the word about a great product than word of mouth!

What sizes are your Peepeepants available in?

They will be available in 3 sizes to start.  12-18months, 18-24months & 3T.  These are the ages that I needed them for my daughter.  I have had a ton of requests for larger sizes since there isn’t a great option for older kids who still have problems with bed-wetting. I’m learning so much from these requests and plan on adding larger sizes to the line soon. I’ve also had requests from special needs parents who think these would be useful for their older children as well. I’m VERY excited to extend the line to be able to cater to all the kids that may find these useful.

Will your pants be available in different colors?

For now we’re keeping it simple with one color, it helps keep the cost down so that I can offer it at a great price. Since they are intended to layer under clothing, it didn’t matter as much to get started. Eventually I’d LOVE to get some fun prints and colors in the works so it’s definitely something I’ll explore as I get more feedback from customers and the business grows.

Do you have recommendations for Peepeepants from Daycare providers? and/or a Pediatrician?

I’m working on getting recommendations from Daycare providers and pediatricians. I’ve had one daycare very interested in having them at their facility because children often have accidents and diaper leaks during nap time which causes a lot of extra clean up. With Peepeepants, if kids are prone to this, they can simply put them on prior to nap time and throw them in the wash right after. No more sanitizing the cot and everything that got soaked!

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

I’m not one to typically give advice on potty-training because I’m still learning and going through the process with my daughter, which is why I love blogging about it and learning from experts!  I do think one thing that really helped me is making getting the first pair of underwear an event. I actually did not think of that, my mom did.  She knew I was having a bit of trouble keeping consistent with potty-training and when she came to visit she brought a cute set of undies and had her open them like a big surprise!  I also used to be terrified about Frankie having an accident when we were out of the house (or even in the house).  Once I just went for it and put her in real underwear, the accidents were the moments that she realized what was happening and that she felt wet! I think it was the ah-ha moment she needed to understand that she had to go to the potty to avoid that.

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Book- 3 languages

Has The Potty Fairy Visited Your House?

potty fairy blog article


The Potty (Training) Fairy


Jeanne Foley, creator of Peepeepants, was curious about The Potty Fairy and did a Q/A with me. Please enjoy this blog post she wrote: 


We all love fairies, they make scary things not so scary and add a little bit of magic to any story.  So, it only makes sense that a very special mommy dreamt up “The Potty Fairy”  while going through the potty training phase with her own kids, and now grandkids!

While potty training might be scary (mostly for the parents) at Peepeepants, we are all about finding fun ways to go through that phase and were excited to connect with the author of “The Potty Fairy” Mary Pap (love that her name is Mary because that’s my mom’s name too!)

Thepottyfairy.com has some REALLY fun tools that can help any parent make potty training a fun and rewarding time. We wanted to learn more so we sat down and asked a few hard-hitting questions to get to the bottom of why these products work.

Who is/was your biggest inspiration for writing The Potty Fairy book?

My biggest inspiration for the story about The Potty Fairy is a little girl, Muriel and her mother, Nancy.  Muriel was a resistant potty learner and her mom was so frustrated.  Nancy and I met for coffee and she shared her frustration with Muriel.  That night when I went to sleep, I had a beautiful dream about potty fairies delivering underwear to children.  The dream made such an impact on me, I wrote the story the next day and delivered to Muriel with a pair of cute underwear.  She potty trained that weekend. She loved the concept and it worked. After that, when friends would potty train their children, I gave them a handwritten story and a pair of underwear.

What do you think makes your book unique to other potty training books out there?

The Potty Fairy is similar to the “Tooth Fairy” and “Elf on the Shelf” but is applied to potty training specifically.   The Potty Fairy taps into a child’s developmental period when imaginative play is so important.  The storybook can be combined with our enhancement products that bring the story to life. We have Potty Fairy dolls, Potty Fairy underwear and free crowns for children to make their own Potty Fairy Princess or Prince crown.  The Potty Fairy is for boys and girls!  Our storybook and products are culturally diverse as we depict children of all races and offer different skin tones for the dolls.

 When will your book be available to order?

The Potty Fairy book is available for purchase on our website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Jet, Walmart and a variety of other online stores around the world.  Our publisher has printing sites around the globe so the book is available everywhere!  The book is available in English, Spanish and French.

We have products to bring the story to life i.e.: dolls and underwear that are handmade. We are research manufacturing these products so they are more affordable.

Why is getting a special first pair of underwear so effective for kids?  Should parents make it a point when starting potty training?

I believe that a special first pair of underwear is one of the most effective motivational steps you can take for a child.  By offering special underwear, a child views the potty training process as special. They can be excited to move from diapers to underwear.  Once my children and grandchildren received their special underwear there was no going back to diapers. They were so proud of their “big boy/big girl” underwear and would show people!  In fact, one of my daughters got very sick right after potty training and had a hospital stay. When she woke up after surgery she was so upset that diapers had been put on her.  It was a wonderful sign that she wanted her special underwear back on!

How did you become recommended by early childhood development teachers and a Pediatrician?

 I am a PreK-12 Educator.  My career path ended up in educational research, program development and implementation and teacher training. It was my good fortune to meet wonderful educators at all levels. I have provided online webinar trainings so that people can develop a potty training plan with the products. Feedback from these events have provided recommendations from all areas.  I have a base of support to turn to which we all need.  The book and products have been field tested in Preschools and at home with children and parents.  When the product was first developed, we field tested and made modifications.  The Potty Fairy products have been approved by teachers, parents, pediatricians and children. I continue to seek testimonials and endorsements to provide parents with a level of confidence in the products.

What is your number one piece of advice for parents starting the potty training process?

 Prepare yourself by selecting a time to potty train that works in your schedule; read about different methods and select one that works for you and your child and your life style; sprinkle in motivational pieces and make the process fun. Focus on success and deal with disappointments but don’t make a fuss about it. Don’t bribe! Rather use the Potty Fairies to deliver notes, rewards and stickers. Let the fairies deliver the “goods” and you can partner with your child and be their best cheerleader!

Our story and products also include a song and poem that can help make the process fun!



The Potty Fairy online store is opening January 2019 so that you can purchase dolls and underwear.

The book is available for purchase now in hardcover, paperback and eBooks thru our publisher.  The Potty Rider is available now on our website.

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