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Wow! There is a tremendous amount of equipment out there to consider when you decide to potty train your child!  As you know The Potty Fairy believes that children and their parents are unique individuals and because of that fact, a wide selection of options is a bonus!  It important to device a potty training plan that you are comfortable with.  You may want to do some homework or research regarding potty training equipment before diving into potty training so that you can make an informed decision on what your child needs and what you are comfortable using before potty training begins.

So what equipment is out there to think about? 

  1. Potty Chairs that sit on the floor- many styles and versions to meet every need.
  2. Potty Seats for the toilet- a wide variety of seats with different features.
  3. Ladders to the toilet seat so that your child can safely navigate their way to the top!
  4. Stools for your child to rest their feet on so their feet don’t dangle, especially with pooping!
  5. Special urinals for boys so they can learn to potty standing up.
  6. Portable urinals again for boys on the go.
  7. Portable potty chairs that are lightweight and fold-up.
  8. Portable potty liners for easy disposal of deposits.
  9. Seat liners for sitting on public potty chairs.
  10. Potty chairs that entertain.
  11. Special wipes.
  12. Decorative items to drop in the toilet water to make going potty more fun.
  13. Lights on the toilet seat to light up your potty chair at night.

The Choices Can Be Overwhelming!

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The thing is there really is equipment that is worth the research.  I was so surprised to find the portable urinal for boys!  How helpful would that be?  And a portable potty chair for girls!  These portable pieces of potty equipment could be so helpful in our busy world.  Plus, you find that they are not that expensive.

So the gist of this post is to take a look at what equipment is available and consider what would be helpful in your lifestyle and your mode of operation.  Get yourself equipped before starting the potty training process to help make the process as smooth and efficient as possible for your unique needs.  As an added note, it helps to include your child when selected particular equipment as it helps with their “buy-in” and enhances their confidence about the whole thing.

To add to the equipment theme this month, we are highlighting a new potty training invention that has recently been made available that makes sitting on the potty chair a lot more fun for your child!

Read on:

“The Wild RIDE from a “Good Laugh” to the BEST #PottyTraining Stool for Kids & Parents!”  which was submitted to The Potty Fairy by Fred and Elna. Read on!


Sometimes the best ideas come from a good laugh! This is exactly how the Potty Rider® potty training stool, the brain-child of Fred & Elna Mulford, began.  Originally an idea for a gag gift for a motorcycle lover, the Potty Rider® prototype instantly gave Fred & Elna the idea of the perfect tool for parents potty training their children.  The Potty Rider’s design evolved from the PVC original to a beautiful Baltic Birch plywood that is sturdy, safe and long lasting potty stool.

image002When Potty Rider® launched in June of 2017, the Mulford’s expected a measure of success because there was no other product like it on the market.  But they were unprepared for the overwhelming, positive response from parents (over 13M views of the Potty Rider® introduction YouTube Video); and the tidal wave of orders.  The success of the patented Potty Rider® comes from the commitment to quality that Fred & Elna have established in its’ design.  Every Potty Rider is handcrafted here in the U.S. and absolutely focused on the safety.  The built-in step platform is outfitted with non-slip treads, cool grip handlebars, and a sturdy stool platform – all of which helps your child feel safe, supported & encourages them to use the “Big Potty”.  And the small footprint design is light & easy to store in the shower or bathtub when not in use.

But as important as the safety features are, what makes Potty Rider such an excellent potty training (s)tool 😊 is the child-friendly designs (motorcycles, ponies & more, Oh My!) and the cool accessories (sound boxes, iPad holder, etc.) that turn potty training from trauma to FUN!  For parents & children (including children with special needs); Potty Rider® is the perfect #PottyTraining solution; ensuring No Tears – No Fears – Just Cheers!  Learn more about Potty Rider:  www.PottyRider.com; or follow on Twitter @potty_rider & Facebook @pottyrider.

Thank you for reading our blog post this month.  Next month we will be looking at Potty Training Anxiety and have a special product to share that just might help.

As always, The Potty Fairy enhances all methods of potty training.  We are excited to share that The Potty Fairy book is being expanded to include ALL ebook versions and the book will be available in hardcover and softcover this spring. The books will be available on our website as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The hope is that they will all be ready just in time for Easter!  To go along with our new books, we are also adding a customized doll where you can choose the gender and the skin tone. More information to come.


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Dad Can Do It! (Dads and Potty Training)

Child Dad White Sheet Laugh LayLet’s take a moment to consider dads role in potty training children. Although, most of the time moms are the primary caregivers to small children in the home and daycares are typically staffed with female caregivers, we need to make room for dads in this process.

On average, boys take a bit longer to potty train, and one has to question if it is because boys are primarily having females teach them how to use the potty chair?  Dads can play an important role in potty training particularly for boys so that they can demonstrate how this all works!

Besides this obvious reason that a male role model for boys in potty training is important, dads have other natural assets that they can bring to the potty training process that can help either gender child be successful using the potty chair.

Educational research has informed us that children whose dads are involved with their academics will have more academic success in general.  Although learning to potty train is not necessarily academic, it is a very important developmental step for young children. I would venture to say that it can be quite academic for a child.  The potty training process could be more academic by sharing books about potty training. Science could be added in, and Dads would talk about the process of going to the bathroom and why we need to eliminate fluid.  How we drink water that cleans our insides and then the used water needs to be eliminated.  Make it a bit like a science lesson!  Share with them that when you drink a lot of water that you need to pee.  Keep it simple and keep it interesting. Kids are sponges. 

Children with involved Dads will also tend to be more emotionally secure, confident in new situations and eager to explore new surroundings.  Learning to use the potty chair can be scary for some children and fear of the potty chair and the entire process can overwhelm a child.  There will be times your child will need to use a potty chair that is not at your home!  If dads tend to naturally provide an energy and attitude that promotes emotional security, confidence, and eagerness to try new things, it seems obvious that their involvement in potty training is so important to help ease a child’s fears! Share these attributes with your child and you will help in so many ways. These positive attitudes will be carried over to other aspects of their lives, too. 

Moms and Dads typically have unique and special roles in a child’s life.  A father tends to encourage competition, independence, and achievement. Dads tend to be a bit more “matter of fact”. While mothers tend to highlight equity, security, and collaboration.  Both roles bring important aspects to a child’s life and upbringing.  Recognize your unique and special roles and bring these to the potty training process for your child.

Let’s take a look at how a dad could bring his unique aspects to potty training:


The Sports Camp Method certainly comes to mind here. ( See AskThePottyFairy.blog post on this method)  If Dad is interested in getting really getting involved in potty training this may be the method to try with your child.  Be creative and develop some fun games and competitions to the potty training process.  Possibly time how fast your child can get to the bathroom when needing to go!  Count to see how many seconds it takes to get to the bathroom. Your child will love it.  Keep track of how many successes in a day and provide an award.  Throw cheerios in the potty chair for boys to try and hit when they go to the bathroom.  Get creative and have fun!


Signs that a child is ready to potty train psychologically is the ability to be independent.  They need to be ready to be independent with the potty.  Dad’s desire to nurture independence may be a natural alignment to encourage the use of the potty chair.  Of course, the child needs to be developmentally ready to be independent, and when ready, dads encouragement can be a bonus.  Possibly dad can have a conversation about how wonderful it will be when your child doesn’t need to depend on diapers anymore and can use the potty chair on their own. 


Depending on your child and how you want to approach potty training, there would be different ways that you can celebrate your child’s achievement with the potty training.  A success chart with stickers could be used and your child can reflect at the end of the day with a success chart with her dad who may not be there during the day.  Dad will want to comment or catch their child doing well and compliment them on their achievement.   A celebration with both mom and dad when a child is potty trained is certainly fun and rewarding for your child.

Matter of fact:

Another important approach to add to the potty training regiment and for dads to contribute is to discuss body function in potty training. Dads are “matter of fact” and can readily share this information with their child. Dads are usually more comfortable having children in the bathroom with them when they’re doing their business. Dads are just more matter-of-fact about it. It’s the best thing for kids to be in the bathroom with the dad, hearing poop stories and potty jokes, making it just a normal part of a conversation

In addition:

Dads love to be playful and dads encourage taking risks but dads also have the need to provide protection and discipline. A dad can bring a playful attitude and approach to potty training that also encourages a child to take the risk to go potty in the potty chair.  Dads natural playful, fun-loving approach will add so much to the training process. Making potty training a fun, family event that is something to celebrate can help make it not a chore, but a fun event for everyone.  Moms and dads can be a tag team both bringing something special to the process.  Children gain more from their parents in everyday involvement than in big trips or events. Children want and need their dad every day as a child’s everyday things are BIG in the eyes of a child.

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The Potty Fairy loves to help dads!

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